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Friday, November 30, 2012

The More Dick I Get, The More Dick I Need

From time to time -- rarely! -- I will turn a guy down because I'm not attracted to him. But that only happens when I'm not in a frenzy. I prefer the times when I'm in a frenzy. It takes me a while to get worked up into a frenzy, though. Once I'm there it's heaven. The thing that really gets me going is thinking about how much of a slut I can be on those lucky days when guys are all over the place looking for a hole to blow their loads in, when I can go from dick to dick and maybe not even look at them before I gobble their cocks down. My standards go way, way, way down on those days -- and I feel sexiest on those days, too. I can't stop beating off after I've had a good day like that.

How good are these days? The best day I've ever had was 17 cocks, one day in New York. Another time I had 13 in San Diego -- about nine of them were a crew of work-clothed Mexicans with mustaches and cowboy boots who all came in together and who all jumped into a cluster around me immediately, trying to push each other out of the way, the instant I went down on my knees for one of them. Yum. I recently had an 11-cock day at Theater X which I wrote about. Those are my favorite days. Taking that much cock, causing that much pleasure to that many men in such a short amount of time, just makes me feel so slutty and used and useful and lucky -- that's what I love about being a cocksucker.

If some of the guys aren't as sexy as I'd normally like, well that makes it even better. Makes me more of a whore. Guys I'd never do when I'm in my regular cruising mode are super-hot to me if I know that they will take me closer to my record. I am obsessed with breaking my record of 17 before I get too old to attract enough cock in one day to even come close. I'm almost 50 now. I don't know how much longer I'll be able to keep getting so many loads.


Like I said, I can't get into a frenzy right away. It takes several cocks to get me really slutted up. Generally, if I go out to cruise, I try to not go home until I've had at least 3 guys (and I only count them if they cum). Those are normal days, and I am picky right up until I've gotten that many. Once I get at least 5 or 6, I start to get into frenzy mode and will attach my mouth or my ass to any man's crotch who will let me, partly because I want to try to break my record someday, and partly because the more dick I get, the more dick I need. I guess that's what they mean by addiction. Ha! I don't want to be cured!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Memory: 17-Incher that "Got Away"

I have been taking anonymous cocks since I was a very young teenager (not that many at the earliest ages -- just one or two that I chanced upon). The pace picked up as I got older. I've had, on average, at least one cock per day during my college years and most of my adulthood. Maybe more during some of those years. Definitely more. I've taken thousands and thousands of loads from thousands and thousands of men.  And yet often the experiences I remember most while I am whacking off, thinking back, are the cocks I almost got but didn't get, for whatever reason.

Here's one.

I was sixteen, I was at a cruisy park in Birmingham, Alabama sitting on a stone wall, with my heels pulled up to my asscrack and my arms around my knees. It was maybe midnight. A very handsome, very tall black man walked up and said -- this is really the first thing he said to me -- "I've got seventeen inches." He was probably in his early twenties, clean-cut, well-dressed, classy. The kind of man that (I know now) will treat you nice and tender right up until he fucks you mercilessly and hard. The kind of man that I now like a lot, in other words.

I laughed and told him that that was too big for me, and away he went.

I don't think I had yet been fucked at that time. How I wish I had taken him up on his offer! To be torn open at that age by such a large one would have been the experience of a lifetime.

On the other hand, this was the 80s, and my lack of enthusiasm for anal sex back then, during the worst years of the epidemic, may have been the only thing that saved my life, so maybe it's for the best.

Still. I try to imagine what it would have been like to have been popped by such a very large prick at such a young age. I might have even been a bigger whore than I actually became, hard as that is to imagine!

Fellow Sluts (Male and Female): How Many Cocks Did You Suck in 2012? What Are Your Goals for 2013?

This time last year, I announced that my goal for 2012 was to suck 1000 different cocks -- regulars and repeats only counting one time each -- and that I was confident I'd make it. Ha! Unless I suck around 700 cocks in the next month, I'm doomed to miss my goals. While 312 (that's how many I sucked) may sound like a lot of cocks to you, for me it is a big disappointment. That's less than one new cock per day, on average (I don't actually suck cocks every day -- sometimes I suck none, sometimes I suck twelve). This is the first year I've ever tried to count every cock that I've sucked, but I'm sure that in past years I did better. But at least now I have a baseline.

I'm hoping to up my total to around 500 next year.

I'll be documenting them all here -- and actually counting them down, so I don't have to try to count them at the end of the year based on old posts and notes, which is what I just got finished doing, and it was a pain in the ass.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Chubby Black Guy With Goattee Came Twice

Tonight I went out to one of those places in Louisville proper where you pay to go through a locked door and there's all you can eat (yes, pun intended) access to constantly-playing video booths and a "theater" with a big screen TV. This place has been the site of a lot of great tricks over the years. I've been going there on and off since the 90s. It's changed a lot during that time too. Lately here is what I've noticed: traffic is very low, probably because the price of entry is higher than most of these kinds of places, but if you happen to find somebody worth doing, they will usually be waiting for you, alone, when you first get there. If there's nobody worth doing when you first get there, chances are very slim you'll get anything at all.

There were two guys in the theater when I got there. One very, very fat white guy and one kind-of chubby black guy with a Goattee and a wedding band, sort of a Rosie Greer look to him. I was very interested in the black guy, not terribly interested in the white guy.

I sat on the end of a row. The white guy was sitting on one end, the black guy was standing against the wall beside where I was sitting.

We all stared at the screen for what seemed like hours. That's what I hate about theater cruising. You never really know when to make your move until the other guy becomes obvious (pulls his dick out and points it at my face, for example) and the black guy, even though I kept staring over my shoulder at him, never quite made a move. He never even met my eyes.

Finally the white guy got up and walked past me on his way out. As he passed me, he turned toward me and paused -- could just be a pause as he makes his fat way out of the theater aisle, but just long enough and awkward enough of a pause that I knew he wanted me to suck him. So I did.

One of my strategies for theater cruising is to suck one less-desirable guy -- they're easy to get -- and it advertises to everybody else that you're sucking cocks. Sure enough, after only a couple of seconds sucking fat guy, black guy pulls out his cock -- not especially long, but very thick -- and hovers near my face. I turn to suck him for a bit, but white guy seems to think that he owns my mouth or something and pulls my hair trying to get me to suck him. Which I do. But then white guy bends over, while I am still sucking him, and starts sucking the black guy. I do not suck cocksuckers, so I got up and left, annoyed.

Black guy followed me out. I ducked into a booth but he didn't follow. He whispered "not yet," but then went to the last booth, the one with a glory hole. I went to the companion booth and put my lips to the hole. Didn't take long for him to stick his dick through.

Some men have dicks that are simply more delicious than others. It's about skin texture and amount and type of precum/sweetness/saltiness. It's about the complete soft silliness of the outer flesh sheathing the muscular, veiny hardness underneath. This guy was one of those guys with an especially delicious dick. I made little whimpering noises while I was sucking it, partly to help turn him on and also partly because I couldn't help it.

He would pull out and act like he was trying not to cum. Then put it back through the hole. This happened three or four times so eventually when he would pull out I just left my mouth at the hole in an o-shape, panting and rubbing my tongue around the inside of my lips. When he put it back in this let him just attack my mouth like it was a pussy growing on the wall. Which he did.

After a while he bent down and whispered for me to come over to his side.

I took my shirt off after I got on my knees in his booth. This morning I had shaved my chest -- I have very large, pendulous man-boobs, and some guys really, really like to fuck them, especially when they've been shaved. Sure enough, this guy liked titty-fucking me. I'd suck him a while, then pull off and squeeze my tits around his cock (he would start humping uncontrollably every time) then I would suck him some more. Just like through the glory hole, he kept pulling away every time he was about to cum. Finally I got tired of that and forced the issue, shoving it all the way down my throat while he tried to pull away. He came for what seemed like five minutes, lots of thick ropy, sweet jizz clogging up my tongue and throat. As soon as I pulled off, he started jerking himself maniacally, and came again, another very large load, all over my lips and tongue and tits.

Then he left, and I was the only person there for the next two hours, until I finally got bored and left.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Catching Up From Notes

Still in September, apparently. Here's one full day's worth of notes -- I only vaguely remember the event:

-- Handsome black guy made me catch it in my mouth from a few inches away.

I don't remember if he let me suck him or if he just whacked himself off and shot it into my mouth. I don't remember if this was through the gloryhole or if I went into a booth with him. I just don't remember. I wish I had written about this the same day -- it would have all been there.

Couple of Post-Holiday Cocks

Took a break from taking cock over Thanksgiving, due to a family member's extended visit and general busy-ness, so I was pretty much desperate for cock by yesterday.

I'm still not doing the bookstores for a while.

So here's what I did. I emailed several of my former Craigslist tricks to see if they wanted to get together. That's one of the few advantages of the Craigslist scene -- you can get back in touch with people you enjoyed messing around with, as opposed to gloryhole sex, where it's catch as catch can. Only one responded --  a black guy with a very, very large cock -- I think I've written about him already. The time we got together, he had to have a friend of his drop him off, and he took the bus home afterwards. That's dedication. This time, he just wanted to see if I'd get my boyfriend involved with a three-way with him. I told him I'd give it a whirl. My boyfriend would not be getting off from work for a few hours at the time we were having this conversation.

I figured it would be boring having two bottoms (me and my boyfriend) and one top, so I asked the guy if it would be okay if I put out an ad looking for more tops. He was totally into it.

So I did.

I got about six responses.

By the end of the night, though, only one guy -- not the one I had emailed initially, but somebody who saw the ad -- actually showed up. Even my boyfriend didn't play. This guy was kind of rednecky, skinny for a redneck, though, and smelled strongly of cigarettes. I took him upstairs to my bed. I sucked him a while, took him a good amount of time to get hard, then he pushed me back on the bed and started sucking me -- which I'm not into at all. After a while he turned me over and tried to stick his dick in, but he wanted to just slam it in all at once, like it was a pussy, and he was neither big enough nor hard enough to accomplish this feat. He'd pull out, hold my hole open with his fingers, and then wham! And every time his dick would bend or go over to the side. I am not a tight-assed virgin. There was no reason, except for his own clumsiness and his insistence on doing it his own way, that his dick wasn't going in. Eventually he came just by frottaging his dickhead along my asshole, which was fine by me. He kept apologizing afterwards for cumming so soon, and I assured him that my only goal is to get the guy off, I don't care how or how long it takes, but he wouldn't hear it.

That was last night.

I had also posted an ad earlier in the day yesterday to find "straight" guys needing blowjobs, but nobody answered in time before my boyfriend got home from work. One guy, though, did set up an appointment for today at 11:30. I had forgotten about him until he emailed me just before showing up. Pudgy, balding middle-aged guy. After I sucked him off, he mentioned that he had "checked up on me" on the Internet -- I guess by Googling my email address. I don't know if this is a good thing or not, but I'm starting to think that every guy I suck knows who I am. Almost makes me afraid to write about them sometimes. I don't want to hurt anybody's feelings!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Middle eastern guy from Craigslist

Every couple of weeks I've posted an ad looking for middle eastern guys on Craigslist and I've never gotten a response until today. The guy who answered, and stopped by, was about as hot as you can imagine: Arabic but completely accent-free, trim, married, cleancut, friendly, professionally dressed and dapper, strictly interested in my soft mouth (as he kept calling it) and my big fat manboobs, which he fucked and sucked on briefly before sticking his cock back into my throat. I deep throated it while he came, and unfortunately gagged just when it was shooting out, coughing his cum out of my mouth, so I had to lick it up off his belly and balls. Says he wants to get back together and I hope we do!

He Rocked Me Back and Forth on His Cock by Pulling and Pushing on My Manboobs

Okay, now back to my notes for some catch-up.

I'm guessing these notes are from mid-September.

First up, I went to an adult bookstore out of town, near a small military base. My notes say I sucked a middle aged military guy who didn't really get hard until he saw me squeezing my tits together. He grabbed them and used them (my tits, that is) to rock me back and forth on his cock, by pushing and pulling me while squeezing them.

Next I came back to Louisville and went to a combination theater/boothstore where there was nobody but me cruising at first. I did see writing on the wall in the bathroom, though: "If you have a big white ass I want to fuck it" and a phone number. I texted the number. I was afraid to just come out and say what I was texting for. It could have been a joke, somebody messing with one of their friends. Or it could even have been a kid's phone, for all I know, and texting something lewd to a kid is not in my bag of tricks. We texted back and forth a few times until we both got comfortable talking about what was what. He said he was at work, and couldn't come over. Then I texted him a picture of my ass, and he responded immediately that he was on his way.

When he showed up, he turned out to be a very hot twenty-something black guy with a large dick. He fucked me until he came, then he left.

I've tried to get back with him from time to time but he never answers my texts, or he answers them long enough to figure out that it is me, and stops talking to me. I don't know what I did wrong. Maybe he just likes strange.

The next two I don't remember at all, so I'll just reproduce the notes:

-- older black guy who came on my tits and ass
-- chubby trucker long ponytail.

If You're a Cumwhore Like Me, You've Got to Get Cum Somehow!

I am not going to specify the names of the theaters and bookstores I go to anymore. I have reason to believe that some of the emails I've been getting from "fans" pumping me for information about Theatair X were in fact from police detectives. I don't think they're "after" me specifically, but I think they're trying to build a case for stuff that supposedly happens at Theatair X that doesn't actually happen at Theatair X, and they were hoping to get me to corroborate their stories. 

For example, for a while I was getting three or four emails/week from randoms, all asking if I was a). female (um ... dude, read the blog) and b). how much I charge to give blowjobs (um ... dude, nothing). A few asked about meth (I've never seen any drug use at all there). And one asked me if "the staff knows what's going on." Very suspicious.

Since the arrests at Theatair X seem to have been focused on the straight couple trade, and since the news media are all talking about a "prostitution ring" (something that I think did not and does not exist at Theatair X, except in the imagination of the media and the police), I find it a little too coincidental that the obsessions of these people sending me emails, and the angle the cops are trying to use in their harassment of Theatair X, matched up so perfectly. Especially when anybody actually reading my blog would know that I'm just a male gloryhole cocksucker who works for free!

Why they're focusing on the male/female couples, and manufacturing claims of prostitution, when there's plenty of lewd and lascivious not-for-profit behavior they could be arresting people for (including me!) going on in there is beyond me. Maybe if they can "prove" that it's a house of prostitution they have a better shot at shutting the place down, which is ultimately their goal, I think. They've gone through several rounds of harassing the place due to cocksucker traffic, and it's never successfully allowed them to close the establishment down, so now they're just making shit up.

So, anyway, I went to a different Adult Bookstore/Theater in the area yesterday, which shall remain nameless. It's one of those dealies where you pay $10 to go back and you have access to a theater and a stream of constantly-playing video booths. There's one gloryhole in this place, but both sides of it were occupied the whole time I was there. I ended up on my knees in the theater sucking off three different guys while about four other guys stood around jerking off, but wouldn't let me suck them. Don't get excited: they were all old, fat, and ugly, just like me.

I also sucked a young, jock-type guy for a little while, but then he turned around and wanted me to fuck his ass, which always messes up my role-playing. 

Three loads in the mouth, all from uglies. But it was three loads all the same! I miss Theatair X and my regulars from there! But what are you gonna do? If you're a cumwhore like me, you've got to get cum somehow!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

About a Quarter Cup of Pearly Jizz Floating in my Toilet Bowl (Also: my tips on writing good Craigslist ads)

This post represents a change in the way I'm approaching the blog. Generally, my idea was to document every cock that shoots a load into my mouth or my ass. As I got busy, I fell behind (there's about a month's worth of backlog, as I've mentioned -- more than 40 separate incidents of men using my holes), so I started taking notes and thinking I'd catch up later. I have hardly ever actually caught up. And the reality is that when I write about an experience immediately after it happens, the post is better and more detailed than if I wait a month or two. I often completely forget what my notes are referring to by the time I write my post!

So here's what I'm going to do. I'd still like for this blog to eventually document every single cock I've been jizzed by since I started writing it, and I've still got my notes, but I'm also going to go ahead and write about sex that I've just had, too -- when it happens that I have a chance to blog in the immediate afterglow. There's no reason to be so structured about it. Since I am going to be doing less bookstore cruising and more Craigslist cruising (due to the arrests at my favorite bookstore, see previous post), this means I'll probably be more likely to blog immediately after sex, since my computer is right here in the same room I got fucked in (or whatever).

Which is what just happened.

I have found that on Craigslist, it helps to be very, very specific about what you want. If you like a wide variety of guys like I do, you need to think of each Craigslist ad as a specific "ad campaign" targeting only a particular type of guy. Just because that's how people use Craigslist. Also, if you're not a hot and sexy twink (which I am not), you need to be brutally honest about your shortcomings, and even try to tailor your ad to people who actually have a fetish for the things that you personally may not like about yourself. For example, I am an overweight, mostly hairless white guy with a very large ass. There are not a lot of guys who will especially go out of their way to get a blowjob from me -- if they saw me at an adult bookstore and they wanted a blowjob, sure, but if they're browsing Craigslist they're not going to go, oh, yeah, THAT is specifically the guy that I want. On the other hand, there are plenty of guys -- especially black guys, especially black guys with very large dicks -- who are specifically looking for big fat white asses to fuck. So even though I like a lot more guys than black guys, and I like a lot more activities than getting fucked, I tend to have success on Craigslist when I emphasize my big fat white ass, and I specify that I'm looking for black guys to fuck it, especially black guys with very large dicks (the large dick thing and the fat fetish thing seem to go hand in hand -- I guess fat bitches can take a large one better than skinny bitches can?).

Which is what I did.

I got three responses right away but you have to assume that two of the three will flake. Maybe even three of the three. The guy who ended up coming over was endearing because he had to have a friend drop him off, with the intention of taking the bus back home once he was done. That's dedication. If you live in a big city you probably don't understand: Louisville has a shitty, slow, inconvenient public transportation system. And it is a cold night.

He was a short, skinny, healthy-looking, clean middle-class, handsome-looking black guy in his late twenties to mid thirties, with whiskey on his breath. His dick turned out to be bigger than it appeared in the photo he sent me. About nine inches long and about as thick as the cardboard tube inside a toilet paper roll.

First we tried it with me on my knees on the couch hanging my ass off the edge. It hurt going in at first. He scolded me: "Stand still and let me get that dick in there." Once he got it in and fucked in and out a bit I was able to push back, and even milk it with my ass muscles a bit. He fucked me really hard, then slowed down and fucked me really slow, then really hard again, then pulled out completely and just rubbed the head around my asslips. He liked it when I squeezed with my muscles, but every now and then my squeezing hit the wrong pace and caused his dick to miss and bend and pop out. I started warning him when I was going to squeeze.

He wanted to try it with me on my back, and we did, but that didn't work at all. My feet are stinky, and I'm a very fat guy, and my couch is tiny, and whatever. Back on my knees.

He kept asking me about other guys who had fucked me, and he wanted to know if my boyfriend and I had ever taken cock at the same time from different guys. He wanted to know if I was a slut. He wanted to know how many dicks I've had (Ha!). I told him as much as he wanted to know. Seems he might be into a group scene someday, which I should file away. I'd love to get him and some other guys in a hotel room somewhere taking turns on my ass.

He finally settled in to a rhythm of very short, hard, rocking fucks, which hit my prostate just the right way and made me start making little kitten noises (I could tell he liked them, and that's why I did it at first, but after about ten minutes of hardcore prostate massage it was more like a deep, gutteral groan I was putting out, completely unconsciously). I actually did cum just a tiny little bit from the fucking.

He came a lot. I mean: as soon as he left, I went to shit it out, and what looked like at least a quarter cup of pearly jizz is floating in my toilet right now. I still feel more slime up in my ass, too.

After that, I posted another ad just very generically saying that I'm available to suck cock. I did get one response, but he didn't come over tonight. When he saw my email address, he asked, "What do I have to do to get you to write about me in your blog?" Either he googled the email address after he got my first response, and found this site, or he was already a reader. Either way: cool! I told him the truth: all you have to do is bust a load into my mouth or my ass. Maybe he will.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Arrests at My Favorite ABS!

This weekend, the police ran a "sting" operation on the adult bookstore where I usually cruise, and arrested three guys -- two straights who were there to cruise couples (the charge is that they offered to pay a female officer to suck them off) and one guy who was having sex with another guy in the theater. One of my readers emailed me to warn me this morning, but I had already seen the story. I still appreciate the concern, reader! I was sick this weekend, so I didn't happen to be anywhere near Theatair X, which is probably a lucky thing.

The arrests smell fishy to me, though. I've never noticed any prostitution going on of note there. One time a guy did ask me for money, but I told him I don't pay for it, and he eventually let me suck him anyway after not getting any other takers.

That said, I'm not sure how the straight cruising there works. I've had sex with the male in one of the straight couples, though, and they definitely weren't trying to pimp out the lady. I seriously doubt that that's what was really going on. But who knows?

As for the poor dude arrested for having sex in the theater, it seems supremely unfair that they didn't arrest the guy he was having sex with. Just him. What's up with that?

The two straight-couple-cruisers were regulars, extremely aggressive in their behaviors. When I complain about the straight guys chasing people down and making a big nuisance out of themselves, these are two of the guys I'm talking about. I'm not saying they necessarily deserved what they got. I'm just saying.

So, you may be wondering about continued updates to this blog. Don't worry. For one thing, I'm still way behind on my notes. I haven't made it through the end of September yet, in terms of backlog. I'll continue to update with posts based on those notes. But I'll probably lay low on the bookstore cruising for a while -- and I'll especially lay low on the Theatair X scene. Even if I wasn't afraid of getting arrested, myself (I'm not super-afraid of getting arrested), there's the reality that nobody else is going to be going there for a while due to the arrests.

There are plenty of other ways to get dick.

Maybe give the Craigslist thing more of a shot. The problem with Craigslist is that a). I don't really like going to stranger's houses, and b). when people come to my house, they now know where I live, and I've had a couple of guys I've sucked show up later, unannounced, on my doorstep, expecting me to suck them on demand, like I don't have a life -- friends, family, stuff to do -- of my own and c). usually when I post an ad, it's the same four or five guys -- guys that I've either already done and found lacking, or have rejected outright in the first place -- who answer the ads. Problems of a small town!

A couple of weeks back my boyfriend and I went to Chicago. He went to a bathhouse while I stayed in the hotel and cruised Craigslist. We had a great time. Maybe I could apply that same process here -- just get a hotel room, even though I already live here, and see what I can fish out of Craigslist. I'm guessing if I get a hotel somewhere far from my house -- way out on the East end or way out on the West end or maybe even in one of the exurbs -- I'd get a different set of responses from a different set of guys. And hotel sex may appeal more to the type of guy I like, since they're very much on the downlow, and they probably assume that somebody in a hotel is less likely to know anybody they know.

I dunno. I'll keep you posted!

I'll end up getting dicked down one way or another! Don't worry about that! Already since the arrests, I've had three guys answering old Craigslist ads that I posted weeks ago. I'm not the only one looking for an alternate route to fun times.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

I Rubbed The Dead Jizz from the Condom onto My Asslips

I have three notes on my phone about this one particular day, and I don't remember anything about these guys or the sex I had with them except for the notes that I took. That's the breaks when you're as much of a slut as I am. I'm currently writing these blog posts about two months behind my actual experiences, depending on the notes. Usually the notes I take spark an actual full-blown memory. Sometimes, like now, they don't.

I'd like to get more caught up so that I can write about the sex almost as soon as I have it, and remember everything better, but it's difficult to do when you have as much sex as I have. I'm trying to catch up today! Anyway, the date I'm talking about is apparently mid-to-late September. I'm not even going to try to fill out my notes imaginatively, because that would be a lie. I'm just going to write down what the notes say, and let you fill it in from there in your own imagination.

-- Fat bull moose with tight foreskin fucked my face hard; redheaded and mean-looking

-- Other fat trucker fucked me through gloryhole, didn't get good look at him

-- Hot young black guy huge dick fucked me with condom. I dug it out of the trash after he left booth and rubbed his dead jizz on my asslips

Ugly Older Arabic Guy Fucked Me Like a Bitch

If you've read a lot of my blog, you know that I have a thing for Arabic guys. I know this is probably stereotyping, but I like that culturally they seem to have the exact attitude about homosexuality that I do: that there are men, and there are slutty queers whose job is to service them when they (the men) can't find a woman. And that's it. Whether any individual Arab guy thinks this way is irrelevant. It's what I've been led to believe -- by some of the Arabic guys I've messed around with, and also by reading stuff on the web -- is their attitude. And that attitude really turns me on.

So if a guy is Arabic, I'm completely ready to service him, even if he is (as was the case here) kind of old and ugly-looking. Sort of froggy. Tubby, with a mustache, fat belly, mid-fifties to early sixties, golden skin, tired eyes. The kind of guy you see working at a rundown convenience store sometimes.

Followed me around the aisles at the bookstore, and on one of the corners got close enough to brush my ass with his hand. That's not usually the way you cruise at this bookstore, but the brazenness of it, and the fact that he was very specifically letting me know that he thought of me as a piece of ass, turned me on. I jumped into a booth, he followed. He immediately put his hands on my hips and made a gesture as if to twirl me around (I'm no skinny twink, so he wasn't actually able to twirl me around, but the meaning was obvious). I turned around and unbuttoned my pants, and pulled them down just far enough for my ass to hang out. Instead of pulling his own dick out, he humped up against my ass through his jeans for a while, holding my big manboobs in his warty, scratchy hands, and sniffing my neck and my ear. I think he might have licked my neck a little bit, or maybe it was a kiss. Hard to tell. He smelled like a barbershop: hair oil and soap.

Then he pulled his dick out through his fly (never took his pants down) and stuck it inside my ass and came after about two thrusts, just like that.

He turned away from me and watched the movie playing in the booth after he came, wouldn't even acknowledge my presence while I cleaned myself up and left. Didn't even glance over.

I hope I see that ugly fucker again!

Young Married Guy With Thick Glasses and Curvy Cock

It was really crowded at the adult bookstore that day, full of gossipy, pushy cocksuckers, which usually means I'm not going to get any dick. I didn't get any dick for a long time that day. I stood around playing games on my phone.

Then a young guy with floppy, greasy black hair, big black GI-style glasses, and a 1950s teen idol type face came in, went directly to the gloryhole booth I happened to be standing by, and stuck his hard fat curvy dick into my booth through the hole before I even had a chance to shut the door. I love it when that happens. It bounced a little bit in the air and smelled up the whole booth, already, that quickly, with ripe dick smell.

I sucked him for a while, tried to get him to fuck me, but he wasn't having any of that. He pulled away as soon as I got his dickhead to touch my hole. Fortunately, he forgave me for my ass-sluttiness (some don't -- they pack up their cock and leave) and let me finish sucking him. I had to put my mouth to the hole and pant with my tongue sticking out for a little bit, but he did give me the cock back.

It was too curvy (to the left) and too big for me to get down my throat. I could have gotten it down my throat if it was just curvy, and I could have gotten it down my throat if it was just big, but it was too much of both. I did the thing where I bobbed all the way down as far as I could, then pulled my face completely off of it, sticking my tongue out as my mouth left his cock so that it stayed in contact with the head. Licked the head as I came back down on it, then pushed down as far as I could against my throat opening. Over and over again, like that. When he came, he coughed. He timed it perfectly, though, to hit just as his head was knocking on my throat opening. A bunch of rapid-fire bursts, and it was over. And then left, almost running out of the arcade, leaving his door wide open and his movie playing.

Didn't get anything else the rest of that day, though.

He looked kind of like Morrissey, the lead singer of The Smiths, in his younger days. Or maybe Clark Kent. That kind of kid. He had a wedding band.