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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

This Is How to Use a Cocksucker

Over the past week or so I've had a bit of a stomach flu. This has completely stopped me from cruising to get fucked (messy!) but when I've felt okay I have gone out to try to find dicks to suck.  I haven't had the staying power I used to have -- hanging out at the adult bookstore while your stomach is not well is not a whole lot of fun -- but I did manage to find one excellent dick to suck the other day.

He came in after I had been there about an hour, avoiding the cocksuckers (I've lost weight and toned up thanks to the gym, now all the cocksuckers want me -- groan). Working class Mexican man, short like so many of them are, dirty hands and face but a dignified way of holding himself. Very muscular and masculine! I think it may have been his first time in this place because he went to several different booths, obviously looking for a gloryhole. He never happened to go to one that actually had a gloryhole (just luck of the draw -- there are several) so he finally just locked himself in one of the big booths.

There was nothing else going on so I just hung out right outside his door and jiggled the handle every few minutes to see if he would eventually unlock it.

Eventually, he did.

He was sort of half-standing half-sitting on the tall stool in the booth, his legs sticking straight down at a V angle, his nice fat dick sticking straight out of his crotch, thumping a little bit with his heartbeat -- but he wasn't looking at it. He also wasn't looking at me. He kept his attention firmly turned to the porn playing on the television. At first I thought maybe he didn't realize I had opened the door, so I got his attention by waving, and then pointing at his cock and pointing at my mouth. He made a disgusted-looking face and turned his attention back to the tv. But he didn't shut the door. He didn't put his dick up. It still thumped in the air.

So I said fuck it and got into the booth with him, shut the door, locked it, and dropped down onto my knees.

For a good long while he didn't acknowledge that I was sucking his dick at all. I mean, his dick was obviously enjoying it, but he didn't look at me or move or anything. The first time he acknowledged my presence was when he put both hands on my head and pushed me down toward the floor a little more (not down on his dick, but down so that his dick was going into my mouth at a different, slightly more horizontal angle). "Stay lower," he said. The new angle had the effect of making his cock hit my gag reflex and I think that that was what he wanted.

After I went up and down a few times on it like that I touched the back of his hand then touched the back of my head, to show him that I wanted him to control my pace. He liked that a lot. "You are good at sucking dick," he said under his breath while he jammed his cock in and out of my throat hole.

When he was getting ready to cum, he took one hand off my head (the other stayed on, pushing me up and down) and put it on my shoulder, pressuring my body to go lower still so that his cock was going into my throat at a perfectly horizontal angle relative to the floor. Finally he came, his dick all the way down my throat. I never tasted the cum until later, when I coughed some of it back up. I just felt his dick throbbing against my throat walls, just past my tonsils.

After cumming he immediately opened the door to the stall and waved his hand to tell me to leave. I was still on my knees with my mouth on his cock. Several jealous cocksuckers were hanging out in the hall. I pulled my pants up (I had been playing with my ass) and took off, very happy to have met a man who knew how to use a cocksucker for his own pleasure, without going off on some weird S&M domination game. Perfect!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Squirting Jizz Out of My Ass Like Diarrhea!

The other day I got three cocks -- two in my ass, one in my mouth.

The first one was a Craigslist trick, so I won't talk about him here. That's the new rule.

The second one was a middle-aged black guy. As I was walking into the bookstore, he pulled up on his bicycle. Shaved head, height/weight proportionate, probably in his forties like me -- but maybe older.

He went into a large booth and I followed him in. Sucked him for a while. His dick was long and tasty. I asked if he wanted to fuck me, and he said yes. This excited me and surprised me because he didn't ask for a condom, like they often do these days. I turned to the wall (there was no stool in this booth, unfortunately -- I usually bend over those).

He had a hard time finding the hole at first -- he was aiming way too high -- so I had to reach back and put it in for him. Once he got it in he was very careful, just barely moving in and out. I expect he's used to bitches who can't take his cock at first. I told him to "Go ahead and fuck me like a slut," and that's what he did, pounding me as hard as anybody's ever pounded me, as soon as he heard me say that.

I tried to keep myself quiet but little moans and whimpers were impossible to avoid.

One of the things I really liked about how he fucked me was that he put his hands on my cheeks and opened them up every now and then before thrusting in. Or sometimes he would push them together as he thrusted. Just totally using me for all I was worth, and forcing my flesh to do exactly what he wanted. My loins started feeling really, really good all over, from just under my balls all the way out to the edges of my ass, waves of warm electric pleasure rose and fell. I came just a tiny dribble (that's all I can ever accomplish from getting fucked without touching myself).

After he came, I told him it was really, really, really good, and he said he liked it a lot, too. He let me put my phone number in his phone. I hope he calls me!

Later, I went to the bathroom and shat out what must have been a cup or two of cum. It felt like diarrhea, there was so much of it! I've never had that much cum in me. The rest of the day I'd still go squirt out little bits of cum every time I went to the bathroom. He really jizzed me up good!

The third guy was a chubby Mexican guy I have written about here before. He is very bossy and demanding about getting his dick sucked, and I enjoy sucking it, but that's all he ever wants to do.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Craigslist Drama

Every time I post an ad on Craigslist these days, I get a response back almost immediately: "troll" or "eww" or "loser" or "fat old man." I'm pretty sure they're all from the same guy, who has decided to have a hate-on for me (and maybe for all guys older than twink-age). I can't tell, though, because Craigslist has this new functionality where the identity of email respondents can be hidden (subject line is always "Craigslist Reply [four random letters and words]"). The tone is always the same, but it's a pretty easy tone, especially given the shortness of the replies.

This might be a trick who I mistakenly told my house was on the right side of the street rather than the left side of the street one time. I watched him pull up and stare forlornly at the counseling center on the right side of the street. If I'd known it was him, I'd have gotten his attention, but I had no idea for sure (until later). When he got home he emailed me, furious. I explained to him that I had made a mistake, but he said, no, my house really is on the right side of the street and I obviously just wasn't answering the door. He had my street address, and house number, and yet he's still convinced that it was on the wrong side of the street. And angry about it! Also, he mentioned (contradicting himself) that he saw me watching him and also that he "heard my dogs" (which I had put out in the back yard to keep them from bothering us while we played, of course). I got a few hateful emails from him after that. He really went off the deep end. I had to stop using the ass pic that I used in the ad that attracted him in the first place because every time he saw it he went off into another tear of righteous fury. "I'd know that ass anywhere," he'd say.

So it might be him.

Or it might just be some random silly little gay boy who hates old, fat dudes just because. I used to be one of those boys. I'd drive around the "gay park" in my hometown and run redlights just to keep from talking to them, instead of politely declining. It was about my own fear of growing old, of course, and being a sad lonely "homosexual" desperate for sex. Generally, though, I failed to throw attitude at them until they actually tried to hit on me (how dare they assume that I would sink so low as to do them! what an insult!). That's not what I'm doing in my Craigslist ads. In fact, I'm very specific in my Craigslist ads that I prefer guys around my own age. And that I am fat. Etc.

One time there was a guy at the adult bookstore in Indiana who walked in the place, came up to where I was standing, and said, to my face, "troll" and walked away. I didn't get upset because I had just been fucked by a hot Latino guy, and also because the little bitch wasn't interesting to me in the least anyway. He did the same thing to almost everybody in the place. The ones who weren't older, he'd call fat. The ones who weren't older or fat, he'd just look at and say, "no." What I noticed is that he spent a lot of time doing this, which struck me as a sad way to spend a lot of time. But to each his own. It obviously gave him some kind of pleasure.

So, assuming that it's that kind of thing, and not the one specific crazy guy who thinks I live on the other side of the street, here's what I'd say to my harasser, if I ever responded (I don't respond, because my experience on the Internet is that a response always makes the harassment worse):

Someday, you too will be in your forties, if you are lucky. You will face the arrogance of the young in the same way that I do: with some amusement and a ton of indifference. I have been you before. I know what motivates your fear of older men and your desire to run them out of the spaces where you look for sex. But you know what else? You will be me (again, like I said, if you're lucky). By that time, though, I will probably be dead, and will therefore give even less of a fuck. You, on the other hand, will look back on these emails you've been sending me with embarrassment. And you will think of me. You will always think of me.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Not Writing About Craigslist Tricks Anymore

The problem with writing about Craigslist tricks is that they sometimes find the blog and recognize themselves. This makes some number of them not want to mess around with me anymore:

1. They think of themselves as "on the downlow" and knowing that I am writing about my experiences -- even though nobody else in the world would recognize them from my description -- freaks them out. "On the downlow" is about not leaving any trace or track in the real world, as if the thing you did with the fag never happened: for some of these guys, that's part of the sexiness of it.

2. They "didn't realize" that I was taking so much other cock until they read the blog, and are afraid to mess around with such a slut. I'm, like, dude, within two minutes of meeting me you had your cock up my ass, within ten minutes you were giving me your load, and then you left -- and you're surprised I'm a slut? But whatever. If it bothers them enough to make them deny me their dick, then it doesn't matter if they're being irrational or not -- all that matters is that I get their dick.

I'll continue to post about bookstore tricks because those are fair game -- they're in a semi-public place, and they're much less likely to find this blog anyway.

I will tell you that last Thursday I got three Craigslist tricks, and all three fucked my ass (one with a condom so he probably doesn't count).

Thursday, May 9, 2013

I Am a Male!

A few months ago, I took my email address off of the header at the top of every page of this site, and put it on one page. On that page, I also put up a note saying that I am a male, because I was getting my time wasted by guys who maybe, I guess, read one post and tried to email me and didn't let me know until about six emails later that they had thought I was a woman, and sorry, no thanks. I figured doing this would force people to know I am a male before they emailed me (never mind that I repeatedly mention I am a male in most of my blog posts).

And yet I still get those emails. Some of them open with, "Are you m or f?" Others wait until we're deep in plans for me to suck them. It's irritating.

I am a male! I am a male! I am a male! I am slightly effeminate, true, and sweet and curvy and hairless, but I am not a transsexual or a CD or a woman. I have mentioned numerous times on this blog that I am a male, and even have it posted on the same page where you found my email address. If you want to get sucked by me, that's great -- but you'll be getting sucked by a male!


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Five Loads Yesterday: 4 in the Mouth, 1 in the Butt

Started the day off at one of the ABSs. I like this one because they don't charge a cover fee to access the cruising area. It's pretty slow, but at least 50% of the guys who come in are looking to put their dick to a slut -- even though there's 30 minutes of empty waiting time between them, I still get plenty, if I'm patient. The usual ratio at most bookstores is 90% cockwhores, 10% cocks. At this place, you don't have to play the usual competitive reindeer games with the other sluts. You just sit there, a dude comes in, he lets you suck it (or not) and then you sit there.

When I got there, a guy I'd sucked before -- 20-something thuggy black kid -- was already in there. So he was load number one: I sucked him off in a stall with the door open while an older man watched. The first time I sucked this kid, he tried to pull out of my mouth when he came, but I had held on. It blew his mind as he blew his load, that I was willing to take it. This time, I started training him to put his hands on the back of my head and push me down so his cock wedged into my throat (I could have gotten his cock into my throat on my own, but these straight kids like to feel like they have some control over the hole they're using). When he came, there was no hint of pulling out. In fact, he jammed my face all the way down on his cock, much farther than I was actually ready to go, to the point where I was gagging and my nose was smashed against his flat muscles right above his cock. "Oh God," he said.


The second guy was a much younger guy than I usually do. He had a bit of a scruffy beard, but besides that he looked like he couldn't have been more than 18 or 19. Dirty clothes, reeked of cigarettes, a "bad boy" except for the sweet open face and the fact that his cock tasted of soap and water. Not a big cock, but he enjoyed using my throat, and it was just big enough for the tip to go down in there without making me gag. He did fuck me for a little while, but neither of us was into it: for my part, his dick was too small, and for his, I think he prefered a blowjob, like most teenagers do. The way he wanted to get off was for me to put my hand on it, stroke it on the way up, then jam my throat down on the cock, then put my hand on it and stroke it on the way up again. He was very specific and patient with his instructions, and didn't stop stopping me and lecturing me about how to do it until I got it exactly right.

After he came, he asked if I had a dollar (I had already given him two dollars for the booth video) and I honestly didn't. "Damn," he said. "You got a cigarette?" I told him I didn't smoke. Very aggressively: "Shit!!!"

And away he went.

The next guy was another one I have done before. One of the things I like about this place is that the trade doesn't mind doing the same fag over and over, unlike the busier places, where once you've done a guy it's sometimes hard to get him to do you again. Everybody wants strange! But not these guys. They're just there for relief.

This guy looks like he might be Arabic -- shaved head, hooked nose, little mustache, golden colored skin -- except that he's uncircumcised, and speaks with a heavy southern/country accent (both times, after fucking me, he said, "Got a nekkin?" which, if I hadn't been raised in the rural South, I wouldn't have realized meant, "Got a napkin?" which, in turn, means, "Got anything to wipe my dick off with?" Anyway, I sucked him a while, he got hard, I turned around and he fucked my ass until he came into it. There's no drama with this one.

Then I went to a different ABS for a while.

The fourth guy whose load I took didn't let me do anything but give him a handjob. He was a black-haired slightly chubby redneck in his mid-twenties, I'd guess. He didn't even let me spit on my hand. He just wanted a dry hand-job. He stood in the booth beside the video screen and I played with his cock, as he requested. When he came, I made sure to catch all of it in my hand. "What are you doing to do with that?" he said. "I'm going to eat it," I told him. He made a disgusted face, but he stayed and watched me eat it, very intensely paying attention, I might add. These boys and their sentimental attachment to where their cum goes!

The fifth and last guy I sucked was a very masculine older man -- probably late fifties -- shaved head, muscular body, big gold watch and big diamond-encrusted wedding band, kind of a Kojak type. He had to pull out and whack himself off in order to cum (he was one of those guys who only gets about 3/4 hard) but he made sure to get it back in my mouth so I could eat his jizz when it was time.

Meanwhile, I find out my boyfriend had sucked off a scruffy street kid (mid-twenties) who hangs out in our neighborhood. I haven't got the skills anymore to just pull a trick off the street with no cruising context (bookstore or whatever) to validate what I'm doing. So jealous! On the other hand, I did get five, and he only got one. So there's that.

Friday, March 29, 2013

A Change in Blogging Policy

As you may have noticed, I've stopped the countdown.

For one thing, it made tricking into a chore -- after I finished an evening cruising, I felt obliged to come write it all down, when what I really wanted to do was sleep or watch TV or hang out with my boyfriend. So I fell behind on my blogging, during a time when I actually managed to get quite a few dicks into me. Only one of them was super-special (the Domincan and/or Cuban guy I wrote about), though; the rest were basically the same as most of the other guys I write about: fat dudes who let me suck them, or whatever.

I'm going to reserve this blog for reporting on my most interesting experiences -- the ones I have something to say about -- and stop trying to document every single cock I take. I think that that'll make it more interesting for me, and hopefully more interesting for you.