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Friday, March 29, 2013

A Change in Blogging Policy

As you may have noticed, I've stopped the countdown.

For one thing, it made tricking into a chore -- after I finished an evening cruising, I felt obliged to come write it all down, when what I really wanted to do was sleep or watch TV or hang out with my boyfriend. So I fell behind on my blogging, during a time when I actually managed to get quite a few dicks into me. Only one of them was super-special (the Domincan and/or Cuban guy I wrote about), though; the rest were basically the same as most of the other guys I write about: fat dudes who let me suck them, or whatever.

I'm going to reserve this blog for reporting on my most interesting experiences -- the ones I have something to say about -- and stop trying to document every single cock I take. I think that that'll make it more interesting for me, and hopefully more interesting for you.