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Before You Email Me Asking Me for a Blowjob

Here are the things you need to know:

  • I do not charge for blowjobs.
  • I am a male.
  • I am 46 years old, with gray hair.
  • I am fat.
  • I give better head than you've ever received.
  • I don't like to have sex with gay guys, only straight guys seeking anonymous relief.
  • I only have sex with guys who are legal to have sex with -- that is, guys who are 18 or over.  
  • I usually don't have sex with guys who are over 60, but will make exceptions for particularly vigorous and healthy men. You must be able to stay hard, of course.
  • You need to be in the local area. I live in Louisville, Kentucky. I am willing to drive up to Radcliffe or over to Lexington from time to time, but it's best if you can meet me here.
  • I am fairly paranoid right now due to arrests at a local bookstore, and a growing sense that many of the emails I receive are from people trying to extract information that can help the police in their crackdown. If you do not hear back from me, that's probably why.
  • My email address is

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