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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

This Is How to Use a Cocksucker

Over the past week or so I've had a bit of a stomach flu. This has completely stopped me from cruising to get fucked (messy!) but when I've felt okay I have gone out to try to find dicks to suck.  I haven't had the staying power I used to have -- hanging out at the adult bookstore while your stomach is not well is not a whole lot of fun -- but I did manage to find one excellent dick to suck the other day.

He came in after I had been there about an hour, avoiding the cocksuckers (I've lost weight and toned up thanks to the gym, now all the cocksuckers want me -- groan). Working class Mexican man, short like so many of them are, dirty hands and face but a dignified way of holding himself. Very muscular and masculine! I think it may have been his first time in this place because he went to several different booths, obviously looking for a gloryhole. He never happened to go to one that actually had a gloryhole (just luck of the draw -- there are several) so he finally just locked himself in one of the big booths.

There was nothing else going on so I just hung out right outside his door and jiggled the handle every few minutes to see if he would eventually unlock it.

Eventually, he did.

He was sort of half-standing half-sitting on the tall stool in the booth, his legs sticking straight down at a V angle, his nice fat dick sticking straight out of his crotch, thumping a little bit with his heartbeat -- but he wasn't looking at it. He also wasn't looking at me. He kept his attention firmly turned to the porn playing on the television. At first I thought maybe he didn't realize I had opened the door, so I got his attention by waving, and then pointing at his cock and pointing at my mouth. He made a disgusted-looking face and turned his attention back to the tv. But he didn't shut the door. He didn't put his dick up. It still thumped in the air.

So I said fuck it and got into the booth with him, shut the door, locked it, and dropped down onto my knees.

For a good long while he didn't acknowledge that I was sucking his dick at all. I mean, his dick was obviously enjoying it, but he didn't look at me or move or anything. The first time he acknowledged my presence was when he put both hands on my head and pushed me down toward the floor a little more (not down on his dick, but down so that his dick was going into my mouth at a different, slightly more horizontal angle). "Stay lower," he said. The new angle had the effect of making his cock hit my gag reflex and I think that that was what he wanted.

After I went up and down a few times on it like that I touched the back of his hand then touched the back of my head, to show him that I wanted him to control my pace. He liked that a lot. "You are good at sucking dick," he said under his breath while he jammed his cock in and out of my throat hole.

When he was getting ready to cum, he took one hand off my head (the other stayed on, pushing me up and down) and put it on my shoulder, pressuring my body to go lower still so that his cock was going into my throat at a perfectly horizontal angle relative to the floor. Finally he came, his dick all the way down my throat. I never tasted the cum until later, when I coughed some of it back up. I just felt his dick throbbing against my throat walls, just past my tonsils.

After cumming he immediately opened the door to the stall and waved his hand to tell me to leave. I was still on my knees with my mouth on his cock. Several jealous cocksuckers were hanging out in the hall. I pulled my pants up (I had been playing with my ass) and took off, very happy to have met a man who knew how to use a cocksucker for his own pleasure, without going off on some weird S&M domination game. Perfect!


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