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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Five Loads Yesterday: 4 in the Mouth, 1 in the Butt

Started the day off at one of the ABSs. I like this one because they don't charge a cover fee to access the cruising area. It's pretty slow, but at least 50% of the guys who come in are looking to put their dick to a slut -- even though there's 30 minutes of empty waiting time between them, I still get plenty, if I'm patient. The usual ratio at most bookstores is 90% cockwhores, 10% cocks. At this place, you don't have to play the usual competitive reindeer games with the other sluts. You just sit there, a dude comes in, he lets you suck it (or not) and then you sit there.

When I got there, a guy I'd sucked before -- 20-something thuggy black kid -- was already in there. So he was load number one: I sucked him off in a stall with the door open while an older man watched. The first time I sucked this kid, he tried to pull out of my mouth when he came, but I had held on. It blew his mind as he blew his load, that I was willing to take it. This time, I started training him to put his hands on the back of my head and push me down so his cock wedged into my throat (I could have gotten his cock into my throat on my own, but these straight kids like to feel like they have some control over the hole they're using). When he came, there was no hint of pulling out. In fact, he jammed my face all the way down on his cock, much farther than I was actually ready to go, to the point where I was gagging and my nose was smashed against his flat muscles right above his cock. "Oh God," he said.


The second guy was a much younger guy than I usually do. He had a bit of a scruffy beard, but besides that he looked like he couldn't have been more than 18 or 19. Dirty clothes, reeked of cigarettes, a "bad boy" except for the sweet open face and the fact that his cock tasted of soap and water. Not a big cock, but he enjoyed using my throat, and it was just big enough for the tip to go down in there without making me gag. He did fuck me for a little while, but neither of us was into it: for my part, his dick was too small, and for his, I think he prefered a blowjob, like most teenagers do. The way he wanted to get off was for me to put my hand on it, stroke it on the way up, then jam my throat down on the cock, then put my hand on it and stroke it on the way up again. He was very specific and patient with his instructions, and didn't stop stopping me and lecturing me about how to do it until I got it exactly right.

After he came, he asked if I had a dollar (I had already given him two dollars for the booth video) and I honestly didn't. "Damn," he said. "You got a cigarette?" I told him I didn't smoke. Very aggressively: "Shit!!!"

And away he went.

The next guy was another one I have done before. One of the things I like about this place is that the trade doesn't mind doing the same fag over and over, unlike the busier places, where once you've done a guy it's sometimes hard to get him to do you again. Everybody wants strange! But not these guys. They're just there for relief.

This guy looks like he might be Arabic -- shaved head, hooked nose, little mustache, golden colored skin -- except that he's uncircumcised, and speaks with a heavy southern/country accent (both times, after fucking me, he said, "Got a nekkin?" which, if I hadn't been raised in the rural South, I wouldn't have realized meant, "Got a napkin?" which, in turn, means, "Got anything to wipe my dick off with?" Anyway, I sucked him a while, he got hard, I turned around and he fucked my ass until he came into it. There's no drama with this one.

Then I went to a different ABS for a while.

The fourth guy whose load I took didn't let me do anything but give him a handjob. He was a black-haired slightly chubby redneck in his mid-twenties, I'd guess. He didn't even let me spit on my hand. He just wanted a dry hand-job. He stood in the booth beside the video screen and I played with his cock, as he requested. When he came, I made sure to catch all of it in my hand. "What are you doing to do with that?" he said. "I'm going to eat it," I told him. He made a disgusted face, but he stayed and watched me eat it, very intensely paying attention, I might add. These boys and their sentimental attachment to where their cum goes!

The fifth and last guy I sucked was a very masculine older man -- probably late fifties -- shaved head, muscular body, big gold watch and big diamond-encrusted wedding band, kind of a Kojak type. He had to pull out and whack himself off in order to cum (he was one of those guys who only gets about 3/4 hard) but he made sure to get it back in my mouth so I could eat his jizz when it was time.

Meanwhile, I find out my boyfriend had sucked off a scruffy street kid (mid-twenties) who hangs out in our neighborhood. I haven't got the skills anymore to just pull a trick off the street with no cruising context (bookstore or whatever) to validate what I'm doing. So jealous! On the other hand, I did get five, and he only got one. So there's that.

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