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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Not Writing About Craigslist Tricks Anymore

The problem with writing about Craigslist tricks is that they sometimes find the blog and recognize themselves. This makes some number of them not want to mess around with me anymore:

1. They think of themselves as "on the downlow" and knowing that I am writing about my experiences -- even though nobody else in the world would recognize them from my description -- freaks them out. "On the downlow" is about not leaving any trace or track in the real world, as if the thing you did with the fag never happened: for some of these guys, that's part of the sexiness of it.

2. They "didn't realize" that I was taking so much other cock until they read the blog, and are afraid to mess around with such a slut. I'm, like, dude, within two minutes of meeting me you had your cock up my ass, within ten minutes you were giving me your load, and then you left -- and you're surprised I'm a slut? But whatever. If it bothers them enough to make them deny me their dick, then it doesn't matter if they're being irrational or not -- all that matters is that I get their dick.

I'll continue to post about bookstore tricks because those are fair game -- they're in a semi-public place, and they're much less likely to find this blog anyway.

I will tell you that last Thursday I got three Craigslist tricks, and all three fucked my ass (one with a condom so he probably doesn't count).