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Thursday, May 9, 2013

I Am a Male!

A few months ago, I took my email address off of the header at the top of every page of this site, and put it on one page. On that page, I also put up a note saying that I am a male, because I was getting my time wasted by guys who maybe, I guess, read one post and tried to email me and didn't let me know until about six emails later that they had thought I was a woman, and sorry, no thanks. I figured doing this would force people to know I am a male before they emailed me (never mind that I repeatedly mention I am a male in most of my blog posts).

And yet I still get those emails. Some of them open with, "Are you m or f?" Others wait until we're deep in plans for me to suck them. It's irritating.

I am a male! I am a male! I am a male! I am slightly effeminate, true, and sweet and curvy and hairless, but I am not a transsexual or a CD or a woman. I have mentioned numerous times on this blog that I am a male, and even have it posted on the same page where you found my email address. If you want to get sucked by me, that's great -- but you'll be getting sucked by a male!


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