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Monday, August 12, 2013

Craigslist Drama

Every time I post an ad on Craigslist these days, I get a response back almost immediately: "troll" or "eww" or "loser" or "fat old man." I'm pretty sure they're all from the same guy, who has decided to have a hate-on for me (and maybe for all guys older than twink-age). I can't tell, though, because Craigslist has this new functionality where the identity of email respondents can be hidden (subject line is always "Craigslist Reply [four random letters and words]"). The tone is always the same, but it's a pretty easy tone, especially given the shortness of the replies.

This might be a trick who I mistakenly told my house was on the right side of the street rather than the left side of the street one time. I watched him pull up and stare forlornly at the counseling center on the right side of the street. If I'd known it was him, I'd have gotten his attention, but I had no idea for sure (until later). When he got home he emailed me, furious. I explained to him that I had made a mistake, but he said, no, my house really is on the right side of the street and I obviously just wasn't answering the door. He had my street address, and house number, and yet he's still convinced that it was on the wrong side of the street. And angry about it! Also, he mentioned (contradicting himself) that he saw me watching him and also that he "heard my dogs" (which I had put out in the back yard to keep them from bothering us while we played, of course). I got a few hateful emails from him after that. He really went off the deep end. I had to stop using the ass pic that I used in the ad that attracted him in the first place because every time he saw it he went off into another tear of righteous fury. "I'd know that ass anywhere," he'd say.

So it might be him.

Or it might just be some random silly little gay boy who hates old, fat dudes just because. I used to be one of those boys. I'd drive around the "gay park" in my hometown and run redlights just to keep from talking to them, instead of politely declining. It was about my own fear of growing old, of course, and being a sad lonely "homosexual" desperate for sex. Generally, though, I failed to throw attitude at them until they actually tried to hit on me (how dare they assume that I would sink so low as to do them! what an insult!). That's not what I'm doing in my Craigslist ads. In fact, I'm very specific in my Craigslist ads that I prefer guys around my own age. And that I am fat. Etc.

One time there was a guy at the adult bookstore in Indiana who walked in the place, came up to where I was standing, and said, to my face, "troll" and walked away. I didn't get upset because I had just been fucked by a hot Latino guy, and also because the little bitch wasn't interesting to me in the least anyway. He did the same thing to almost everybody in the place. The ones who weren't older, he'd call fat. The ones who weren't older or fat, he'd just look at and say, "no." What I noticed is that he spent a lot of time doing this, which struck me as a sad way to spend a lot of time. But to each his own. It obviously gave him some kind of pleasure.

So, assuming that it's that kind of thing, and not the one specific crazy guy who thinks I live on the other side of the street, here's what I'd say to my harasser, if I ever responded (I don't respond, because my experience on the Internet is that a response always makes the harassment worse):

Someday, you too will be in your forties, if you are lucky. You will face the arrogance of the young in the same way that I do: with some amusement and a ton of indifference. I have been you before. I know what motivates your fear of older men and your desire to run them out of the spaces where you look for sex. But you know what else? You will be me (again, like I said, if you're lucky). By that time, though, I will probably be dead, and will therefore give even less of a fuck. You, on the other hand, will look back on these emails you've been sending me with embarrassment. And you will think of me. You will always think of me.


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  2. it's so sad you got hit with that asshole on craigslist compared to the many just pure horny guys that are just honestly looking for fun times... your little hating messenger needs to just go talk to one of thousands robots for some hour or just go whack off by his lonely. me personally I've been on craigslist for many days and haven't found nothing authentic about it. casual encounters my butt... but hey even if just for some dropped lines how bout you im me sometime