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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Trying Out the Only ABS in Downtown Louisville

There's an ABS in downtown Louisville -- the only one left from a long and proud tradition of sleazy businesses in the area that got swept away by the construction of the Convention Center -- that I've been to a few times. The nice thing about it is that you don't have to pay to go to the arcade. The two bad things: a). no gloryholes -- you have to go into the booth with the guy, and b). lots of guys trying to hustle.

Now, I want to be clear: I do not mind being asked for money. I'll never stand between a man and his way of earning a living. I never pay for sex, because I'm still able to get plenty of what I want for free. But I don't object to sex workers trying to drum up some trade from me. I do object to people trying to cheat me out of money, or trick me into paying for sex I didn't realize I was expected to pay for.

I've had the following hustle occur there twice (and I've only been to the place five or six times, tops): cute guy says he wants to have sex with me in the theater, which costs $10. Wants me to pay his way in. Wants me to hand him the $10 so he can go buy his own ticket, because he doesn't want people to know that he's going in there with another guy. Leaves as soon as he gets the $10. I say it happened twice -- it really only happened once. The second time, I knew what was up and didn't give him the $10, though he kept pestering me for it so insistently and aggressively that I eventually had to leave the place. Note: these were two different guys.

So yeah. Bad history.

I've also sucked exactly two cocks there over the years. One was a cute white guy, who looked like he was probably on steroids (he had the muscular body, and also the fat, smooth, big-jawed face, at the top of his body, and the tiny teensy peanut-sized balls in the middle of his body, that I associate with steroid users) and another was a cute Mexican guy, and, weirdly, both were extremely aggressive face-fuckers. The Mexican had held me down so hard on his cock when he was cumming that I tried to pull away -- not something I usually do when a guy is cumming, but I was actually panicking. He was kind of a short guy, and I eventually had to stand up, and pick him up with me, in order to get his cock out of my throat.

I was ashamed at having disappointed him. I've never gone against a guy's orgasm like that again. It was a moment of weakness.

These incidents, distilled from the past and set next to one another in such close proximity, make it sound like the place has been hotter than it has been. Mostly, when I've gone there, you end up standing alone in an empty arcade for an hour or two, worried that they might take all the "No Loitering in Hallways" signs seriously -- and then you leave.

Last night, I was trying to get over the 2nd Street Bridge to Indiana, to go to my usual bookstore, but rush hour had hit (I work from home, so I forget about these things), and it looked like I was going to be stuck in traffic for an hour or two. I pulled out of the traffic and made my way to this ABS, which I hardly ever think about, but which does happen to be on 2nd Street.

When I got there, it was empty, as usual. Pretty soon after I arrived, though, a chubby black guy with a huge amount of what I will call "street baggage" -- two separate backpacks, a fanny pack, and a big puffy Michelin-man type coat -- came in. I tried to cruise him a little bit then figured out he was a cocksucker, by the way he was trying to cruise me a little bit. After we figured each other out, we settled into our own corners of the arcade. Then a second black guy came in, and started talking to him like an old friend/cruising buddy/gossipy giggler. You know the type.

I started to consider leaving.

A third guy came in. Maybe Mexican, maybe Bosnian (there are a lot of Bosnian refugees in Louisville -- one of our more populous minorities). He definitely looked like an immigrant to me: hard-working hands, fresh dirt on his arms and face (not from not washing, but from having to work in dirt, you know, just kind of smeared on him and obviously not destined to stay there for long), torn, cheap clothes. He had a long, skinny body, a long, skinny head, bald on top in a perfect circle, and a dark black Zapata mustache, as well as a set of dark black sideburns, underneath the baldness. He went into a booth, fed a dollar in, left it cracked open.

The second black guy went in there with him, but didn't shut the door. He stood there looking at the guy (the insides of the booths make an "L" shape, with the TV and the stool hidden from view of the door, tucked around the corner). I saw him reach his hand out, probably playing with the guy. He stayed in there a long time, then he came out.

The first black guy had no interest.

Both of them were standing right in front of the guy's door.

It was a little awkward, but I stepped past them and went into the booth. The guy was sitting on his stool -- more like leaning on it, with his long legs sticking straight out and playing with a very long, half-hard cock.

When he saw me heading down onto my knees, he had a look of relief on his face. I guess the other guy had struck him as a bit of a tease or whatever. Whatever. I sucked it. He was very appreciative. He came without it ever getting quite hard. It would get to the back of my throat, but not go into my throat-hole, because it was still bendy just below the head. I enjoyed it anyway.

When he thanked me I realized that I had been wrong about his origin. He had one of the thickest and most broad Kentucky accents I've heard in a long while, "THAAAAAAAAAAAANK YEW"). Maybe from the mountains, then. Maybe a coal miner.

When I came out of the booth after sucking him, there was a superhot 20something shaved-head guy, almost skinhead-looking, coming down the aisle toward me. I caught his eye, licked my lips. He nodded, winked, kept walking past me, looked over his shoulder. Went into the last booth. The first black guy, the one with the two backpacks, followed him in, stepping right in front of me with a smirk. Just a little later, I heard somebody from inside that booth hissing, "Suck it. Suck it bitch."

Let's assume it was the skinhead getting sucked. I think that that's a safe assumption.

Before they got finished with one another, some of the store workers came up, trying to find out who was driving a brown Subaru, which apparently had its lights on. They found the guy (it was the second black guy), went downstairs with him (the arcade is upstairs, the main part of the store is down). The reason this is significant is that I have never quite known for sure what this store's enforcement policy is, vis a vis their anti-loitering signs. They were perfectly friendly to those of us who were just standing around in the hallways. So that's good.

The skinhead eventually got out of the stall and left the store. I left afterwards. I would have left earlier, out of frustration with missing out on such prime meat, but past experience has taught me that sometimes your prime meat will become available again before cumming -- maybe he doesn't like the cocksucker, or maybe the cocksucker gets a phone call he has to take, or whatever -- so I always wait until it's completely a lost cause.

I'll get him next time. Definitely going back there. I'm thinking it might be especially cruisy during convention time (the convention center and its hotels are all in that area). Farm Equipment Show is coming up! Yes!

That wasn't my last cock of the night. I went to my regular ABS in Indiana and got two more after that. More on those cocks later.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Memory: The First Cock I Ever Sucked

By popular demand, I am going to try to dredge up some memories of cocks I have sucked over the years. I've been at it for 36 years (started when I was 12), so that's a lot of blurry time to try to pick out individual memories from. Some of these memories have probably changed over the years (memory does that). But I'll try my best to be as real to the actual experience as possible.

So, I might as well talk about the first cock I ever sucked. Now, I had played around with my young uncle (don't get so excited -- he was only one year older than me, and adopted, to boot) before this, but since neither of us was able to cum, I don't count him. That wasn't "sucking cock." That was just two curious kids messing with each other a little bit.

So the first "real man" cock. I was 12, in a Woolworth's restroom -- I just sucked it, the same way that I would have eaten a candy bar if somebody had offered me one. There was nothing to think about. I hadn't been thinking about sucking cock before then. I didn't think it was weird or unusual afterwards (though I did know not to tell anybody -- because the guy told me). Sucking a cock that was presented to you just seemed like a completely obvious thing to do.

This was the mid-70s. All I remember about it was: he had a key to the restroom door, so he must have been an employee -- likely even a manager. He locked the door when he first came into the restroom. I was sitting on the toilet, watching through the large crack in the stall door, which didn't shut properly. He was a white guy with a big 70s perm and a big 70s mustache and wearing a suit. Probably in his late 30s, though he looked very old to me at the time (my dad was only 30 when I was 12). He stood at the urinal (directly in front of me) and then turned around and showed me his cock. I pushed the door open. He jumped into the stall with me. I reached around him to shut the door and he jumped back out, started to leave, but I said, "No, no, come back." I showed him that I had just been trying to shut the stall door. I don't know why I wanted to shut the stall door -- I knew that the main restroom door was locked. Just one of those things.

He fucked my face pretty hard, keeping his hands on my earlobes and rubbing my earlobes, sort of flicking them with his thumbs. He got down pretty deep into my throat. I know this because I remember thinking that he had a very big cock, and I remember his balls finally landing on my chin. I didn't gag or anything (gagging would come later in life -- I guess I was too young to gag? Surely not. I might just have been too excited). I remember thinking more about my earlobes, while he was fucking into my throat, than anything else. Funny. I also remember being disappointed when he stopped. His cock had been all the way down my throat when he came. I'm not sure I ever understood about cum back then. I just knew that he stopped, told me never to tell, patted my head, and left.

I kept hoping I would see him again, but I never did. I sucked a lot of other cocks there, though -- and at other restrooms I discovered over time. By the time I was 16, I sat down and tried to count every cock I had sucked to that date, and lost track at around 75.

And, no, I promise you that I do not currently remember all of those -- not even more than a handful of them. I just remember sitting trying to count, and coming up with that number, and giving up. My cocksucking pace really picked up at about that time, because I got a car, and could really whore myself around. So there's no telling how many cocks I sucked after that. Jeez. I really always have been a slut!

Two Fat Guys Last Night -- One Black, One White

I'm not a chubby chaser, but I don't mind fat guys as long as they're masculine. Especially if there's nothing else around. I'm able to lower my standards pretty low when I have to. This gives me a little bit of an advantage over a lot of the cocksuckers at the ABS who aren't interested in fat guys. Often when I first arrive, there will be a lonely cute fat guy who has been waiting quite some time for a blowjob. This is usually the first one I suck when I get there.

That's what happened yesterday. He was a white guy with a shaved head and a thin little straight cock and a whole lot of himself standing on two feet. His fat wasn't the soft, dimpled kind -- he was all hard and round all around. I sucked him through the hole for a little while, then put my ass up to the hole for a bit. He fucked my ass and kept whispering to himself. "Oh God, oh God, oh God." Then he pulled away. I dropped down to check through the hole and he was sitting on his stool playing with himself -- he hadn't cum. That's one sign you're dealing with an actual straight guy. They've been trained by women not to cum inside their mouths or asses or pussies. Whatever. I motioned to the hole, and finally convinced him to stick his dick back through. I let him fuck my face for a while (the "Oh God, oh God, oh God" started back up, in time to his thrusts), and eventually he shot a load into my throat. His cock wasn't big enough to break the gag point, but he was poised right there on the edge of it, so I didn't have to taste the jizz. It's not that I mind the taste of jizz, but I love the feeling of having it pumped directly into me like I'm an automobile getting filled up -- an automobile that runs on jizz!

The next guy I sucked was a fat black guy. He came into the booth with me. His uncut dick smelled of sweat and old jizz and dirty cunt. I'm not kidding. Each smell (and taste) was very clear to me. He kept his hand on the back of my neck to make sure I took his load. His dick wasn't big enough to hit my throat at all, so he flooded my mouth with his dirty-tasting jizz. I felt like such a filthy whore because of how dirty his dick was, and how I sucked it without hesitation. He tapped me on the shoulder after he came and said, "Thanks." Like I wouldn't have noticed that he had cum.

I hope I get some better cock tonight.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Haven't had any cock for a few days.

The last time I got some was last Thursday. Sucked a small-dicked mustached guy and a long-haired chinless guy who looked like Robin Gibb and tasted strongly of cigarettes. Both through the gloryholes at my favorite ABS. Hoping it picks up again. My mouth is horny.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

5 Loads Today

Went to the ABS around 10am today.

First cock I got was an Arabic and/or Turkish guy -- golden skin, shaved head, big muscles, hook nose, wedding band. I saw him first in the restroom but wasn't sure if he was cruising. He followed me into the arcade. I went to a gloryhole booth, he went into the next one. That's backwards from how it usually works! I'm usually the one chasing the men, not the other way around. His cock was small but superhard, and he really enjoyed cumming in my mouth, if all the grunting (which continued long after he had pulled his cock out of my mouth and was no longer shooting actual liquid) was any indication.

Next up was a fat black guy with an extremely fat, but not very long, cock. It was roughly the size and shape of a poblano chili pepper -- maybe a little fatter at the base, and a little shorter. There was no way I could suck it, it was too thick, so I put my ass to the hole. He immediately pulled his cock away, and I started to take my ass off the hole (some guys don't like it when you put your ass up there, so I try to keep them from seeing), but he stuck his thumb into my hole, and sort of pulled my ass back, hard, to the hole, using the thumb-hold, and the rest of his hands squeezing one of my cheeks. I hear some rustling around back there, and the next thing I feel is a fat, strong, wide, warm, wet tongue right smack on my hole (he still had his thumb in, too). It was a pussy-licker's tongue -- flicking back and forth quickly, the way guys do on a clit, not the way gay guys do when they tongue-fuck. Eventually he took the thumb out, ate out my manpussy for a while, then tried to ram that enormously fat, short cock in my hole. I can take cocks as fat as his, and do so fairly often, but usually when there's one as fat as that, it's also very long, and after a certain point your hole just gives up and let the rest of him in. He was just short enough to keep tearing up my pussy walls.

In other words: I loved it.

He never quite got it fully in -- this time. He'd squeak it forward a millimeter or two, fuck in and out to that distance, then squeak another little bit of it in (I could literally feel it squeaking, like fingers on a clean plate). After a while, he stopped fucking. I wasn't sure if he had come or not (a trip to the restroom afterwards -- and a shitful of white jizz -- gave me the answer).

He stayed around, and fucked me one more time, later. He got it in further the second time. I don't think he usually finds a bitch that can take it through the hole. He seemed really excited.

Third guy I got was a very young, very skinny country boy. He could have been the younger, more beautiful brother of the guy I got in the restroom last Thursday -- at first I thought it was him. I know the kid was over 18, because they are very strict about checking id at this bookstore, but that's the only way I know he was over 18. He came in, everybody was following him. He went into a booth without a gloryhole, locked the door. Everybody wandered away. I pulled on the door, he unlocked it. "You want a blowjob?" I said. He said, "No." I started to walk away. He opened the door some more, motioned me back over. "You get fucked?"

Unfortunately, he insisted on wearing a rubber. Fortunately, I was able to negotiate with him to make sure he gave me the rubber after he had cum in it.

He took a long time fucking me. I was already worn out from the enormously wide black cock. His cock was long and thin. He'd get it in, and try to fuck harder than he needed to fuck (this is a common thing with young guys), and end up losing where the hole was. He kept trying to push my ass down to fuck me, when really, to get the right angle, my ass needed to go up instead of down. Etc. I was about to give up, and told him that it just wasn't working, and he slapped me across the face. "Shut up and turn around."

So I did, of course.

He fucked me like a monster, got his nut, pulled the condom off, handed it to me, started getting himself dressed (he had pulled his pants off during our awkward early attempts, as a way to maybe get a better angle I think).

"Do you care if I eat it?" I said.

He said, in a voice that sounded honestly disgusted, "I don't care what you do with it."

I've had straight guys hand me a condom filled with their own cum before, and usually they get off on watching me eat the cum -- regardless of what they say. They can't take their eyes off of the act. And their eyes have that, "Yeah, you really are a fucking low-life bitch eating my cum" kind of look to them. This guy honestly couldn't care less, apparently. He didn't even look once, even though I turned the condom inside out and ate every bit of that cum right in front of him.

The next guy I got was a pudgy Mexican, one of those short Mayan-type Mexicans. I sucked him a while through the hole, but the gloryhole he had landed in was too high for him. His cock barely fit through -- only the tip of it, and it was pointing straight up, brushing the top of the gloryhole wall itself. I gave up, left the stall. He came out, then went down the line opening every door looking for a gloryhole. I am pretty sure he didn't realize that I was the one who had just tried to suck him. I got in one of the stalls (without a gloryhole) that was in his path, and when he looked in it, he saw me there, sitting on the floor, pointing at my own mouth with my finger. He got the message. I sucked him for a while. He ended up fucking me as hard and fast as a jackhammer, and I pulled away. I showed him my ass, slapped it, asked if he wanted to fuck. He didn't say yes, didn't say no, just looked straight ahead like I was not even there. I shoved my ass back onto his cock, he grabbed my thighs, and started jackhammering away again. After he came, he kept standing there, panting, like a big machine cooling down.

My last dick of the day was a gray-haired, black-mustached trim trucker who mauled my manboobs while I sucked his fairly small cock. He kept pulling them together so they would be more like boobs, and then squeezing them, so hard it hurt. When he came, he hollered like a rodeo cowboy. Afterwards, he said, "Boy, I sure hope I see you again sometime!" and I told him that I live to serve.

It was about 2 by this time -- 5 cocks in 4 hours, with three achieving orgasm in my ass (although only two of them actually left their loads there). Not a bad day's work for a cockslut!

Calm Mouth-Fuck from a Completely Anonymous Regular

This happened yesterday.

There's a guy I've sucked a bunch of times -- I shouldn't say I sucked him; it's more passive than that. I've let him fuck his load into my mouth a few times. He's middle-aged, a little round about the middle, has a wedding band, black hair, strong masculine face. My favorite thing about him is that he doesn't want to know what you look like, and he doesn't want you to know what he looks like. I happen to know what he looks like because I've sucked him often enough that I've caught glimpses of him here and there. But basically, the only way you know he's cruising is you go into a gloryhole booth, and his cock is sticking, hard, through the hole. I've come to recognize his cock immediately. You put your mouth on it and just hold your mouth slack. If you do any sucking or licking, or touch it with your hand, or anything non-passive, he will immediately pull away and not put his dick back through until you leave the booth. So you put your mouth on it, and he calmly, without any kind of urgency, fucks his dick all the way down to the back of your throat (it's pretty big), and cums after only a few pumps. Every time.

So I hooked up with him yesterday at the ABS I go to.

I hadn't seen (well, not-seen) him in a while, and I was afraid he had left for good, but here he was, back again. I was happy to be of service. Most of the bitches in that place won't do him because they've got to see what they're sucking. Like I said, I've already seen him, and know that he's do-able, and I think it's superhot that he doesn't want to see who's sucking him. I like to imagine that what's going on in his mind is that he's "fucking wall-pussy," or whatever. That he likes to pretend it's not even a person on the other side. But that's just my fucked up head.

Reporting on 3 Loads from Last Week

I've had some fairly decent luck since my last report. I got out of the habit of doing my write ups as soon as I got home. Sorry. I'm actually at the ABS right now, waiting for the lunch rush, so I thought I'd take advantage of the lull to catch you up.

Last week, I think it was Thursday, was when my luck began to turn. I got 3 that night, 2 of whom were truly high caliber.

The first one, though, was kind of ugly. Short dumpy guy, shaved head, with a weird knot at the top of his neck, like a flesh-colored apple. I sucked him through the gloryhole. His cock was salty, smallish, and had one of those foreskins that is still connected to the head, so it never slides free. I mostly only sucked this guy because I figured there would be slim pickings like every other time I've cruised lately. He wedged his foreskin between my lips (I had to squeeze them tight), and rutted his nut into the foreskin, which I then slurped out into my mouth.

The next guy was in his late 40s, muscular, big wide mustache and big wide long cock. He went to one of the larger gloryholes (7 inch square), which I always like because it's easier to get fucked in the ass through those. First I put it in my mouth. It was the kind of cock that immediately makes itself at home in a hole. I don't know know how else to describe this. The big fat weight of it, the clean but musky taste, the silky texture. I felt my mouth immediately pussify around that thing. He was uncircumcised too but his foreskin worked correctly, hugging the sides of his cock and lubricating my throat as he slid himself into me. After a while I got up and put my ass to the hole. He fucked it for a little while but lost his hard-on. I jumped around and squatted quickly just in case he hadn't realized his cock had been in my ass. I didn't want him to see. Sometimes they freak out. I went back to sucking and still loved it. After a while he said, "Give me that ass again," so I knew then that he had known. This time he didn't lose his erection. He long dicked me good for what must have been 20 minutes. His cock curved upward at just the right angle to make my prostate all tingly and warm and tight. I heard some slut in a movie moaning low and like a wild hurt animal -- I hate it when people turn the volume up so high on their movies, it's distracting. I had time to think about turning the volume down on the movie playing in my own booth, and did so, before realizing that the out of control moaning whore was me.

Then he came and left.

I was feeling slimy in my hole when I walked, wasn't sure I'd be able to hold it all in, so I went to the restroom.

The restroom is not part of the arcade. It's in the main part of the store, right by the cashier's station. Until the event I am about to describe, I've never done anything in there, though it's obvious how you would. The urinals are along the left hand side at the end of the wall. In the middle if the room, making a sort of island, are two toilet stalls, back to back from one another. The one facing away from the entrance has no door. It also happens to be less than two steps away from the urinals. All a guy had to do is look over his shoulder while pissing to see if the guy on the toilet is a cocksucker (licking lips, etc) or not. I've never cruised in there because the stakes for getting caught are high. Queens get banned for life for cruising in there, not because the owners have any problem with sex on the premises but because you don't have to pay to go to the bathroom and if guys are going to get their dicks sucked, management understandably wants to profit from it. I am too much of a whore to completely resist, though, and anytime a guy at the urinal looks back, I always lick my lips. Nothing has ever come of it before. This time, the guy pissing was a 30something skinny redheaded redneck with a Clark Gable mustache and slightly crossed eyes. When he sees me lick my lips he swings around and lets me get a look at his cock. Kind of skinny but a decent length. There's no way I could say no at this point (after I've seen the cute face and hard cock is the point of no return). I motioned him over. He took his station in front of me, where the door should have been in my stall, and I went to town on it. We heard the bathroom door open at one point so he slid to my right, opposite the urinals, walked around the stall island and started washing his hands. I didn't hear him again after that, and when the other guy left, I was afraid my guy had left, too. But he popped right back into place after a second. Meanwhile, remember, I've just been shitting the other guy's fuck out of my hole, and I haven't had time to wipe or anything. Dude pulls his cock out of my mouth and starts begging to fuck me. I try to wipe a little, but I'm rushed, and when I get up and turn around I hear him pulling more toilet paper off the roll. He starts dabbing at my hole with it. "I'm sorry," I say. "Its all right!" he whispers back. But I'm mortified, and not in a hot way.

When he did get his cock in, I could barely feel it. I've got a kind of loose gape at the best of times, and remember that I had just been ravished by fat dick daddy. I let him fuck around back there a little while then turned and sat, licked a streak of something reddish brown off of his head (shit or blood, I didn't care) and finished him off. He put the tips of all 8 fingers on the nape of my neck and set up a steady fucking action into my throat, shoving down with the fingers like you do when you're kneading dough. He got off pretty quickly after that.

I left the restroom a bit after he did. The cashier looked at me funny. But maybe that's my imagination.

I left.

I've had 6 more loads since that day, but I will tell them later.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Finally Got Some Decent Straight Cock

This was Tuesday afternoon. I had been hanging around at the ABS in Indiana for quite some time. It's still mostly cocksuckers (seven or eight of us), almost no trade. It always gets that way when they remodel -- for a week or two or three. The trade eventually shows back up.

I just happened to catch this guy as he came in, and managed to get right behind him and tail him all the way to a gloryhole booth without anybody else ever seeing him. He was in his mid-thirties, clean-cut, with the beginning of a little beer belly and a very large wedding ring. He had a "deputy sheriff in an old movie" kind of look about him -- hard, little eyes in a handsome, chubby, young face. If you know what I mean.

I watched him through the gloryhole as he tried to get the video working. These are brand new video machines and they're already fucking up. He put in about two dollars' worth of coins without bothering to check to see if it was working. Then nothing happened. The teaser video on the television continued to play. He hit the "channel up/channel down" buttons a few times with no luck. He put some more coins in. Still nothing.

There is no experience more frustrating than losing a trick because of a bad machine. Like I said, I happened to catch him by sheer luck, but if he had left that booth, he would have been lost to me.

He looked down through the hole, saw me waiting there for him, made a frustrated sound. It seemed to me that he thought he was lucky to have found a cocksucker (when it was really the other way around).

He finally put a dollar in the machine, which did make the video start playing.

I'm not sure why he thought he needed the machine playing. They don't yell at you at this particular place if you don't have your video playing. They pretty much don't even notice. Maybe he was just passing through, and didn't realize. Or maybe he actually needs to watch pussy porn while his dick gets sucked or else he can't get off from a guy. I like to think it's the latter.

His cock was nice and long and substantial, straight and thick and big-headed. I sucked it a while, then tried to get it into my ass, but he immediately put his fingers through along with his cock to see what I was doing. I pulled away before he could feel my ass, jumped back down onto my knees and started sucking again.

Unlike most big-cocked guys, he didn't seem to like getting deepthroated. I mean -- you sort of listen to what the cock is telling you while you suck it, you know, and every time I deepthroated, the cock sort of went, "meh." So I tried several other approaches until I settled on the one that seemed to get him the most excited, which was to just hold my mouth slack in an "O" shape, with my tongue lolling out, while he fucked into it. He didn't go very deep -- just the head and a couple of inches past it, in and out. When he came, the angle changed sharply, pointing almost straight up, like he had bent his knees more deeply in order to make himself shoot farther or harder or whatever.

I managed to get out of the booth long before he did. He actually waited until his time ran out on the video before he came out. He walked over, handed me his leftover tokens, and exited the arcade. I'm not sure if he knew that I was the one whose mouth he had just fucked his nut into, or not. I'm not sure if he cared.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wide-Faced Older Brown Guy

Went to the ABS in Indiana again tonight -- nobody much there. When I first got there, I sucked off a guy I found on the other side of one of the gloryholes. He was older than me (probably late 50s), with a wide face and dark skin. Maybe American Indian, maybe an Arab, maybe Mexican. He fucked his nut into my mouth rhythmically and efficiently, with no wasted effort, grunted when he came.

After that I spent a few hours waiting, waiting, waiting. Nothing. Now I'm home typing this for you.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I Just Shat a Load of Jizz

Saturday I sucked off a pear-shaped guy at the ABS in Indiana. I'm not talking about his dick. I'm talking about the guy. He said he didn't want to get sucked, that he just wanted me to play with it. I was in the both with him, on my knees. I did play with it a little while but eventually it ended up in my mouth, somehow. Don't look at me like that. He didn't put up any kind of fight. Soon as it went in, he came.

Today I went back over there. Sucked off a tall 30-something redneck-type guy with one of those "C. Everett Coop" beards that goes around the edge of the face but never quite makes it into the face. I went into the booth with this one, too. I wasn't sure if he was cruising -- he was very rednecky -- but he did leave his door unlocked. I figured I might as well take a peek. Sure enough, he was sitting on the stool with his cock out and his hands on his hips in a "well, hurry up and give me my blowjob" kind of pose. Awesomeness! He had a fairly small, very sensitive cock. When he was getting ready to cum he said, "You better stop, you better stop, I'm going to cum." I pulled off, but I kept the tip of my tongue on it. I looked up at him: "You don't want to cum?" From the look on his face, I think it had never occurred to him that I might want to take the cum. I went straight down on it, all the way to the base, and he shot in my mouth just immediately. His tender little balls curled up tight together right under my lower lip. I've never seen balls pull up that tight and high and yet remain so, well, ball-like and hard.

There was a tall, thin black guy with a very fat uncircumcised cock in one of the gloryhole booths. I made the finger-signal at the hole, but he didn't acknowledge it. I left. I got bored about twenty minutes later and checked on him again. He was still in there, still playing with his very hard cock, still watching straight movies. I decided to put my ass up to the hole and see if that's what he was looking for. It was. He put it through immediately. His dick was pretty fat and long -- I'm guessing most guys have a hard time taking it. As soon as I got it all the way in, he came, pulled out of the hole, put his pants on, and left, just like that. I didn't even have time to zip up before I heard the front door of the arcade banging shut.

I might go back out. I shat a huge load of thick, milky jizz just now. It's got me horny again.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

I've Sucked 3 More Since Last Post

Renovation at the ABS in Indiana is complete. You'll be happy to know that after replacing the old TVs with new TVs (and getting rid of the gloryholes in the process), they went back in and put the gloryholes back in -- larger, in some cases. I don't know why they got rid of them while putting the new TVs in. Weird.

I kind of miss the old gloryholes -- the ones that were there until about a month ago. Those were the exact gloryholes I've been taking cock through for more than two decades. I had my sentimental memories, you know? Silly, but true.

This is the second time in as many months that they've gotten rid of all the gloryholes then put them back. The first time it happened, "straight guy needing a blowjob" traffic died down immediately and didn't come back for a while. We're still in the "died down" phase right now. Lots of cocksuckers hanging out, but very few cocks. Accordingly, my standards are still a little lower than usual.

The first guy I want to tell you about was middle-aged, black haired, walked with a limp, had a very big, nice cock that pointed hard to his left, and banged his head on the wall on the other side when he came. He was the only guy I got off that night, though I did mess around with a few others who didn't cum.

Generally, if a guy doesn't cum, I don't count him as having had sex with me.

That was, I think, this past Wednesday.

Last night, I sucked two cocks. On Friday and Saturday nights at this place there's usually a number of straight couples who stop by and have sex in the booths, and they have their own 'fans' who hang out and wait for them -- usually chubby, unhappy-looking straight guys. The gloryhole interruption has put a crimp in that arrangement, just like it has for my kind of cruising. There were a handful of the straight guys hanging out waiting for couples, but no couples. I managed to suck off two of these guys. I know they were there for the couples because I've seen them cruise couples before -- they run around in packs, whispering to each other, heading each other off at the pass, worse than queens about it. I've also seen them "score" before. So their straight creds are real. I think they only did it with me last night because I was a last resort.

Both were pudgy guys with beards, kind of wheezy. The first one, who I've sucked before, has a very nice, big, fat cock. I went into a booth with him to suck it. The second guy let me suck him through the gloryhole, but only after he had been there for several hours. Like I said: last resort.

I hope it picks up soon.