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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Theatair X Harrassment Continues

The police only arrested one hapless fellow this time, who was apparently whacking off in the theater. Their excuse for going in was that there were "code violations" in the building -- specifically, "11 holes in walls connecting pairs of private viewing booths in violation of the town building code." I remember when this code was passed. The gloryholes disappeared for a little while, but then they came back. Scuttlebutt was that some judge had decided that since the gloryholes predated the law by some 30 years, they were "grandfathered in." Apparently not anymore.

Just thought I'd update you guys on this, in case any of you were afraid that I myself had been arrested. Haven't been cruising much, but I will suck again, don't you worry!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Repeat Craigslist Assfucker

Today as my boyfriend and I were sitting down for dinner, a knock came at the door, and it turned out to be one of my Craigslist tricks -- the one I called a redneck black guy -- who just decided to show up. He tried to pretend like he'd gotten confused, and that somebody else had emailed him and asked him to show up, or whatever, but clearly he just wanted my ass (that's what he did -- fucked my sweet ass good -- the first time).

It's not a huge deal. My boyfriend knows I'm a slut. But we had just made dinner, so I couldn't do anything. I told him to come back in a couple of hours, which he did.

He wanted to know why I've got a white boyfriend if I like black guys so much, and I told him that my boyfriend is one part of my life, and messing around is another, and they're very different. I also told him that it's usually the black guys who want to fuck fat hairless guys like me, so I go for what works. He thought that that was funny.

I spent more time sucking him this time than I did before, got him to lay back and I licked his balls and sucked his dick and asked him to tell me what he does with girls.

When he fucked me, I got a little runny shit on him (leftover from my weeks of having the flu, I think), but he dealt with it pretty well. "You kind of know that might happen going in," he said, which I think all tops should have to memorize.

He sure did cum a lot! It was pearling up the head of his cock and dripping down after he pulled out of my hole -- as much cum as a normal guy would cum was all right there -- and I still had a huge load squirt out of my cunt when I finally got to sit down on the toilet after he left.

I'm still a little bloody from the rough fucking.

So that's four loads in 2013, 496 to go to meet my goal of 500!

Biker Kid with Long Goattee Braided to a Point

Yesterday I went to three different adult bookstores in southwestern Louisville but only managed to suck off one guy. I actually got three good-looking guys' dicks in my mouth, but only the one guy came, so he counts, and the other two do not.

The one guy I got off was sitting in a booth with the door cracked open when I arrived. Chubby but not too chubby, early twenties, biker type with a Harley shirt on and a long goatee that he braided into a point. I sucked him for a while -- it was a nice fat cock -- and went down to lick his balls. "Just suck it don't get it all wet," he said. So I just sucked him a while. I noticed that I was drooling a bit so I pulled off to dry him with my sleeve and that's the exact instant that he came.

So that's the third guy this year, out of my goal of 500 -- only 497 to go!

One of the guys I didn't get off I sucked for at least forty-five minutes. He was a short fellow with a tight buzzcut and a hot little bod, very much a bike messenger type (except we don't have those in Louisville). He seemed to enjoy it the whole time, but never was able to make himself cum. I think he was used to having a gloryhole (he went into the booth that usually has a gloryhole, but it's been blocked off in the past few days, and it took him a while to actually let me into his booth). He didn't seem entirely comfortable with my presence in his booth. He wouldn't look at me, for example -- kept his eyes shut and his head back. Anyway, I still enjoyed it and he said he did too.

The third guy I sucked on, but not off, was a trucker I've sucked before at the Now Forbidden ABS. I got bored after just a tug or two on it, though. I'm a bad slut sometimes, looking out for my own needs. Sorry, trucker!

Which brings up an important point. I'm starting to see people from the bookstore-across-the-river-where-the-arrests-are-happening show up, finally, in the southwest Louisville bookstores. I knew the traffic would have to eventually come over the bridge. And come over the bridge it has, pun intended!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Cocksuckers Are Getting Desperate Out There

Last night I went to an ABS in southwest Louisville, the kind with a combined theater and videobooth area. This place is always dark and dirty and a little creepy, and last night it was even moreso. There were about three 60-something guys hanging out in the hallways when I got there, and another guy, maybe 80, who looks exactly like Stan Lee, the creator of Spider-Man and Captain America and so on. It's $10 to get in the back, or I would have left right away -- nothing against old guys, and I've done old guys before, truly, but these guys were just old cocksuckers who had, from the looks of them, been standing in the same spot all day, maybe all week. But I had paid, so I stayed.

After a while a young white thuggish cutie came in. I tried to follow him but two of the old guys turned out to be surprisingly fast on their feet, jumping behind him and leaving me no room whatsoever to manuever. One of them went into a booth with the boy, and the other one pushed the door to the booth open before they had a chance to lock it. A little old-man catfight ensued, with slapping and shoving and pulling hair. The clerk had to get involved to sort it out. After the clerk threw one of the guys out of the store, the other one went back in and finished the kid off. I heard the kid ask for ten dollars afterwards, but I'm not sure if he got paid or not. Pro tip: if you're going to ask for money, you do it before you get sucked off, not after.

Meanwhile, I went into the theater and sucked off a different older guy -- probably late fifties, early sixties himself -- who had been humbly sitting in the far corner in the back waiting for his blowjob for, probably, days. His dick was already out when I arrived, and he looked up at me pleadingly. As soon as my mouth went down on it, he started shaking all over. Took him a little longer than that to cum, though.

That's cock 2 of 498 for 2013. Wish me luck!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

First Load of 500 for 2013

My boyfriend and I decided to drive down to an ABS about an hour south of Louisville today. This place has a couple of "theaters" which are really just big rooms with lots of cheap love seats in them, and a large TV. There is also a hallway of video booths, some of which have gloryholes. Until today, I hadn't been there in a long time, partially due to the distance, and partially because they charge $20 just to get in. Thanks to the police activity at my local favorite spot, and general paranoia, we decided the drive and the extra expense would be worth it.

When we first got there my boyfriend disappeared. Later I found him, by looking through one of the gloryholes: he was aggressively eating out the ass of a short, dusty-clothed redneck boy with black hair and a wedding band.

Nobody else in the place would do: random cocksuckers, one of whom was an 80-year-old man in a little black dress (but making no other attempts to appear feminine).

One of the love seats in the "straight" theater is positioned so that you can see everybody who comes in the place. All the loves seats, though cheap, were nice and fully-upholstered and plump, except for this one, which had a deeply messed-up, worn-out spot in the one place you could sit and see the entrance. That's where I sat. I read ebooks on my phone for a while.

Eventually a very sexy, lanky, rednecky, cleancut blond guy came in, maybe 24 or 25. Kind of a cross between Owen Wilson and the skinny version of Matthew McConaughey, except more clean-cut than either of those guys. I jumped up to follow him into the hallway of booths, and so did another cocksucker, a black guy who had been sitting opposite me, also monitoring the door. The guy went into a booth with a gloryhole, and the other cocksucker beat me to the companion booth, but when the guy saw who was on the other side he started walking back out of his booth (he never had quite gotten the door shut). Then he saw me, and nodded me in. I think he was probably racist or something. I guess I shouldn't approve, but I wanted to suck him, and any advantage is an advantage in a situation like that.

He sat in the chair in the booth and pulled on his cock. It was larger than most, curved upward toward his belly, and fat as the cardboard tube inside a toilet paper roll, if you squeezed the tube a little so that it wasn't perfectly round. I wasn't able to get him down my throat (which is rare), but that may have been because of the recent sinus cold, and still-lingering tenderness in the back of my throat. Anyway, he was very appreciative of the blowjob, making hissing sounds between his teeth and asking me if I "liked that big fat cock" with an accent that could have come right out of one of those gator-hunting characters on reality TV.

I got him to titty-fuck me but he didn't like it. My boyfriend was watching through the hole and he said that the guy looked shocked. After a while, the guy just said, "Hey, suck it."

Which I did.

He had tiny balls, like peanuts.

When he came, I hardly tasted it, though I could feel it squirting onto my tongue. I've never had cum taste so tasteless before.

My boyfriend ran up to me afterwards, "You bitch!" He thinks he deserves all the dick. But he doesn't! He doesn't deserve all the dick! I do!

We hung out there about an hour longer. I sucked on two fifty-something chubby trucker guys but neither of them was able to cum, so they don't count.

Load total so far this year: 1.

Goal: 500.

To go: 499.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

3 From September

With the combination of this sinus cold and the police activity at my favorite ABS, I haven't had a lot of action lately -- sorry. I haven't had any. Here is another catch-up post based on notes from the past. These notes are dated September 24, 2011, back during the glory days before the police activity! Each note is marked with a dash, and is what I typed into my phone immediately after the encounter. Beneath that will be my memories or musings on the encounter.

-- shaved head goattee guy in yellow highway construction-worker vest fucked me in the ass through the gloryhole.

I vaguely remember this. His dick wasn't very big. He is (or I guess he was) a regular there.

-- hipster with shovel beard fucked me through gloryhole then whacked off into my mouth.

I don't remember this at all! I am such a slut!

-- Different shaved head goatee guy fucked the fuck out of me thru gloryhole

I don't remember this either, but it sounds like I enjoyed it!

What is significant about the day documented above is that every dick I took, I took in the ass. Usually it's more like a 2 in the mouth-one in the ass kind of ratio. I like assy days!

Anyway, I'm glad that I'm now writing down my experiences the same day they happen. It helps me actually remember them long-term. These "notes" make me sad -- so many forgotten encounters! It's as if they never happened, if I forget them!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

More Arrests At Theatair X

I guess I shouldn't be surprised. The police promised they'd do this. The arrests happened last Friday, but I, in my sinus-medicine haze, didn't hear about them until yesterday when my boyfriend casually mentioned seeing something about it on the news. In fact, the raid was coordinated with one of the local television stations, and the dudes were filmed coming out of the store in handcuffs.

All four of these guys are familiar-looking to me. They were regulars. I've done at least one of them. Could have been me.

So what happens now? TheatairX is done as a cruising spot, at least for the next little bit (as in: year or two or three). I can't imagine anybody going there now.

It's a good thing I had this cold. I had started to think that TheatairX might be on-limits again -- had even gone back there once, as you know if you've been following the blog -- but no more. The evangelical organization that is driving this harassment is peppering the police with complaints, and even setting up their own investigations. They're getting funding directly from the state of Indiana, via the sale of specialized licence plates! That's not cool. The police have decided it's more important to appear to be listening to them, and to help them achieve their agenda, than to accept payout money from TheatairX (I'm just guessing here, but come on -- the place has been around, with its dozens of gloryholes, and remained mostly undisturbed, for about 40 years; there has to have been a relationship of some sort with the police). I guess I don't blame the police. Defending a gloryhole playground is difficult, politically, anywhere, but especially in a small southern exurb.

Fortunately, there are plenty of other places around, and, even more fortunately, all of them are in a different police jurisdiction than TheatairX, so one police department living in fear of one crazy right-wing Christian hate group can't ruin everything everywhere. Most of the other places are in Louisville proper -- a much larger city, with a much more politically and religiously diverse population, where it will be far more difficult (but not impossible!) for one little group of assholes to bully the police into servicing their radical anti-sex agenda. None of the other places are as clean or as active as TheatairX was, though. I'm pretty sure I caught my cold sitting on a nasty leather chair in a theater at one of the places in town. But that's the way it goes. I'll take hand sanitizer.

So that's what happens. Most of the activity will simply migrate over the bridge, but not all. I'm sure some of those southern Indiana guys are scared to death to drive in Louisville (it's hilariously a common thing among people I know who live there -- they think that they'll get hurt in "the big city" just by virtue of crossing the bridge; they have fantasies of getting lost in Louisville's vast and violent traffic patterns, I guess), so they'll just have to figure out some other place to go. I guess Bloomington? There's one bookstore there. It's okay, especially during exam week. It's pretty far to drive, though. As for the original primary clientele, the truckers, I'm sure they'll just hang tight until they get to the ABS near Horse Cave, Kentucky (if they're going South), or the ones close to Chicago (if they're going north). A few hours isn't that much of a delay if you're driving for several days already, as part of your job. I'll miss them, but ah well. They weren't my favorites anyway.