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Monday, December 31, 2012

Paranoia, Big Destroyer

I try not to be paranoid, but just before the arrests at TheatairX, I suddenly started getting emails from people wanting to know "if the staff knows what goes on there," and "what's the best time to go," and "is anybody selling drugs there" and "how much to the ladies charge," and so on and so on. All of which was weird and meaningless (nobody sells drugs there; I had no idea any "ladies" were charging anything, and so on). I mean: zero emails for months, then suddenly a flood of emails, then the arrests happened. Each email was from a different "person." Each one said essentially the same thing. Each one was trying to get information about what goes on at TheatairX, essentially, in very probing and specific ways. Then there was a sting, organized along the activities that are implied in the emails I got (prostitution specifically).


I have to assume that those emails were either from law enforcement, trying to get more information before going in and making their sting, or from one of the very prominently-active anti-cruising evangelical groups in Clarksville, Indiana (you know the one if you're from around here), trying to dig up info they could pass on to the police.

Now it's happening again. I'm getting a raft of emails -- again, all of a sudden -- trying to get me to tell my correspondents where the gloryholes in Louisville are. So, yeah, weird: no emails on this subject for months, then suddenly a string of people all asking for the same information?

Sounds to me like the cops in Louisville might be getting ready to bust the gloryhole establishments, or maybe the evangelicals are just trying to compile information so they can pressure the cops to do so. That's what it sounds like. Paranoid? Possibly.

So, to all you guys (especially "Jennifer"):

Fact is, I'm not cool giving out places. For one thing, that's not what this blog is for. There are plenty of sites out there where you can find listings of gloryhole locations and discussions of their quality and cleanliness. I'm just here to document my own experiences. Your research is incorrect, by the way, Jennifer: all the gloryholes that have been in town for years are still there -- even the ones at TheatairX, where the arrests occurred. Louisville's metropolitan area is gloryhole central, always has been. Anonymous sex is a deep and abiding part of the local culture. If there is an adult bookstore, chances are about 50/50 that there is a gloryhole contained within it. Easy enough to find.

Aside from all that, though -- even if you are really who you say you are -- and please understand that I do not wish to be rude: I really have no interest in increasing competition at the gloryholes. "Jennifer" in particular: you have an unfair advantage, because you are a female, and the guys I like to suck are the guys who can't find a woman to suck them. You'd be guaranteed to suck down every load that I was trying to find. Why would I help you do that?


Thursday, December 20, 2012

Trucker Tried to "Tip" Me

Since this stupid sinus thing has got me out of commission (it's more the medicine than the sinuses themselves, but you know how it is), I figure I might as well catch up from some old notes.

These notes are dated September 14, 2012. I remember all three of these guys fairly well.

The first one was a Mexican worker-type guy -- short, dirty hands and face, trim mustache. I tried to follow him in a gloryhole booth, but another queen beat me to it. After a while, I walked back by and noticed that the booth the queen had gone into was empty, but the Mexican guy's booth was still locked. Peeked through the hole only to discover that the queen had gone into the booth with him and was sucking his dick. Sigh. But then they noticed me, and the queen actually smiled. They don't usually do that. Competition and all. The Mexican guy, with the queen's encouragement, stuck his dick through the hole and I sucked him for a while. Then he went back to letting the queen suck it. I got bored with that, so I put my asshole up to the gloryhole, and sure enough, I eventually felt the Mexican guy's dick going in. He fucked me till he came, then the queen cleaned me up with a serious tongue-lashing.

The next guy was at a different ABS. I walked in and there was a handsome older black guy standing in the hall. He looked like the kind of guy who would enjoy a prissy chub so I prissed a little for him and made eye contact before going into a stall and leaving the door cracked. Sure enough, he followed me right in. I went down on my knees right away, pulled my shirt up over my head so I could palm my tits, and started sucking his very nice, very, very thick cock. I'd say 9 inches at least. After only about three seconds he pulled away and asked me "where do you want me to cum?" I ignored this question and said, "Fuck me." I propped myself against the wall and pointed my ass at him. He sounded like he was not sure about it at first, but finally he chuckled and said, "I'll stick it in and out a few times, okay." So he did. A very few times. Just, like, twice. Unfortunately, he pulled out just before cumming. He actually had the presence of mind to pull a paper towel from the dispenser on the wall, wrap his hand in it, then cum in his paper-towel-wrapped hand, all within a half-second of pulling out of my asspussy.

I say "older" because he was gray and had a grizzled beard. Other than that, you'd think he was maybe twenty, given the state of his skin and the liveliness in his face. I have a hard time placing the age of older black men, but taking into account the fact that I almost always guess low, I'm going to say he was in his mid-fifties.

The last guy was a cross-country trucker who had answered a Craigslist ad. I met him in the parking lot of a Wal-Mart. It was nothing special: pudgy guy, very smiley, small cock, I sucked him off and he came quickly. He tried to give me five dollars. Ha! I thought that was the funniest thing ever -- a). that he thought I wanted payment, and b). that he thought five dollars was the right price. I told him to hang onto it and tip the next sissy!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Went to that ABS in Indiana Again, the One with Recent Arrests

I'm not saying the names of bookstores where I go anymore so I won't come up in an easy search by anti-cruising activists (this one bookstore I'm talking about is particularly being targeted by them). But if you've been following this blog, you know the one I'm talking about.

A lot of the regular cocksuckers were there, hanging out in the halls, which, I noticed, were more well-lit, particularly around the emergency exits, than usual. I guess they must have been cited for that, as part of the general police activity.

Guys -- including me -- were nervous. Some guys who were obviously trade just stood in their stall touching their dicks through their pants, letting the gloryhole cocksucker (ahem, me) wait and wait and wait, without ever making a real move. I had that happen three or four times. I think they were waiting for me to show them something lewd about myself first. But whatever. I was worried they might be cops, they were worried I might be cops, why are we here?

I did get to suck one guy -- a very masculine, tattooed, biker/trucker/American Chopper/bear type guy, with a big shovel beard, great arms, a large round belly, and a small but tasty, tender cock. I spotted him in the hallway. We made eye contact. All the gloryhole booths were taken. I went into a booth right beside him and squatted. He peeked in, but didn't do anything. Then I saw him walk away. I came out of my booth. This stopped him. He went into a booth (without a hole) and left the door open, and I followed him in. He was just standing their, looking down at his dick (which was already out of his fly) like it was a problem he didn't know how to handle.

I knew how to handle it!

I sucked him nearly off several times, then pulled back and breathed on it and licked it, until he finally took charge and just grabbed my head and fucked my throat and came. I like to make them take responsibility for getting their load.

He hadn't been very friendly or talkative beforehand, but he was very, very, very friendly afterwards. "Oh my god that was awesome I hope I see you here again," and then he left.

I don't know if I'll be going back to that place for a while. I spent four hours there, and this is the only thing that happened worth talking about. It's not like the other places are any more fruitful, but at least they don't feel as dangerous right now.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Young Arabic Guy with Awkwardly Curved Cock Filled My Ass

I went to one of the theater/bookstores out in southwestern Louisville. Nobody there but me, two very old dudes who were asleep in the theater, and a young Arabic guy, maybe 20 or 21: skinny, sweet face with heavy eyebrows, not much of a chin but beautiful eyes. I've seen him there before, even sucked him briefly, but never got him off, for reasons that will be apparent in a moment.

He went into a booth, didn't lock the door. I pulled it open. He looked suspiciously over his shoulder. I mimed sucking a cock by moving my fist in front of my mouth. He nodded me in. I dropped immediately to my knees and he pulled his cock out and I remembered. It's a nice, thick cock but it curves in a "C" from the root down under his balls, very, very, very circular and stiff to the point where it's kind of hard to suck. I mean: because of that particular curve, it's actually easy to get down the throat, but you can't really get a good rhythm going because it's so steeply curved. You have to kind of go slowly up and down and make sure you move your throat in exactly the right way as it tries to go down.

I started pulling on my big manboobs and his eyes lit up. He reach down and squeezed them. So I pulled him in close and got him to fuck my tits for a while. "You like my tits?" I asked him. "Oh yes," he said, no trace of an accent. "You oughta fuck me like a girl," I said, and he told me to turn around.

This took even more care and cautiousness than the sucking. He did get it in eventually but he wasn't able to move it around much. Just slightly in and out. He kept rubbing my back and reaching around and playing with my tits and belly, though, and making lots of sounds like he was loving it. Every now and then he would pull out and play with my hole, just touch it with the very tips of his fingers. Then he'd put it back in.

After a while he pulled out completely and started finger fucking me, really hard and fast, the way girls frag their own pussies in porn movies. I pretended to like it (I liked that he wanted to do it but I wasn't into the actual sensation of it). Then he put it back in. This time I squatted down lower, propping myself up with the chair in the booth, and he got it much deeper inside me than before.

I didn't think he came. He went back and forth a bit then got dressed and left, and kept cruising. Once I got home, though, I discovered (by shitting his cum) that he had dumped quite a load in me. Unless he just loosened up some other, previous guy's load, which I suppose could be what happened, because I'm generally filled with jizz most all of the time.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Fat Black Guy With Smelly Dick

The fact that some of my tricks actually read this blog is making writing it more and more tricky. I don't mean to be rude, but I feel like I have obligation to tell the truth, too. The person I'm writing about might enjoy a faked-out overly-polite version of what happened, but the rest of the readers come here for the real story. Right? It's one thing if I set up a meeting with a blog fan who originally discovered me because of the blog. They at least know what they're getting into before they get into it. But now that I'm using Craigslist, I'm getting guys who Google my email address and find this blog later, after I've sucked them, or maybe even right before, while they're on the way over to the house. It's not like these guys are celebrities, who live their lives in public and are used to -- and well-rewarded for -- dealing with the press. These are just normal guys who want to get off, and they should not be punished for it, and didn't really sign up for public scrutiny. They don't deserve to be made fun of in public.

Even if their dicks are smelly and taste nasty.

But holy crap. Last night, I set up an appointment with a guy who was very honest about his fatness (I appreciate that -- being fat myself). He didn't tell me that his dick was going to be smelly and nasty-tasting. I guess he didn't realize. But it was.

I sucked it like a good cocksucker and sent him on his way, though.

Guy, if you are reading this: you're a nice guy, and I'll suck you again, and I don't mean to make fun -- but please, please, please wash your dick before you put it in a cocksucker's mouth again!


Also, I'm going to start using a different email address for my Craigslist ads.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

First Craigslist Ass-Fuck in a While

I have had a head cold combined with a tummy-ache for a little over a week. I think it was a situation where the infection in my sinuses slowly migrated down my digestive tract. Too much information! Sorry! But anyway, I've been out of commission.

About two days ago I started feeling better and posted an ad. I've got several ads I use. This one is for when I want to get fucked by a large dick. And really isn't that always? I almost never get a satisfactory response from it -- the language in it is so nasty (subject line: "Tired of bitches saying it's too big?") that it tends to attract dirty-talkers and picture-hunters rather than real tricks.

But that's pretty much true of any Craigslist ad these days, except for the ones where I offer to suck straight guys. Those get ignored because there are so many other ads from so many other cocksuckers exactly like them. I digress.

This black guy answered the ad, sent me a pic of his dick (and it was nice), but couldn't make it over that day in time to fuck me due to commitments I had already made. I set up a time with him for the next day (which was yesterday) and expected to never hear from him again, which is usually how it goes when a Craigslist trick wants to reschedule.

So, anyway, yesterday I was cooking dinner and he emailed to let me know he was on his way. I had forgotten all about him. Panic mode! I locked my dogs in the second bedroom, sent my boyfriend over to the neighbor's house (he's very compliant sometimes when it comes to getting out of my way for a trick -- says that taking big dick makes me happier and easier to get along with -- ha!), got the sheets out of the dryer (I had been doing laundry too -- just call me Betty Homemaker) and onto the bed, just in time to answer his knock.

He was a tall, goofy, sexy, rednecky black guy with a little softness around the belly but obviously an athletic frame, and a military tattoo on his thick arm. I say "rednecky" black guy, and I'm sure that that will confuse some of you, but here in Louisville we've got plenty of black guys who look, act, and talk just like Jethro from Beverly Hillbillies. That kind of guy. Smiley, respectful, masculine, and, as Loretta Lynn would say, "country!" -- and black. I'd guess he was in his mid to late 30s.

He was more friendly and talkative than most. Claimed to have never messed around with a guy before, but didn't seem to be nervous, and didn't have any problem at all getting it up. He told me a lot of girls say they want it then they complain. He said his sexual urges are all about anal, all the time. Etc.

I sat on the bed and he walked over with his pants down, hovering near my mouth, so I gobbled it all the way down. I don't think he expected that. I mean I took it down into my throat past the gag point. His dick was nice and thick and "big" I guess for the average girl who hasn't had a lot of dicks. I'd say it was on the smaller side of what I think of as big. Maybe 7 or 8 inches. The thickness was comparable to an Italian sausage. Not a monster, but certainly a good, healthy dick, and I could see how he might be having problems getting bitches to take it. I'm pretty sure he had never been deep-throated, either, from the reaction. I'd deep-throat, then pull all the way off and literally blow on the head to dry it off, then wet the underside of the tip -- where the head meets the place where the foreskin would have attached if he hadn't been circumsized -- with the very end of my tongue, then deep-throat again.

I was afraid I was going to make him cum so I told him to put it in my ass. And he did. Bang. There was no subtlety there. It wasn't a matter of him trying to get it in. He just put it in. Maybe this is specifically why he answered my ad, so that he could really tear up an asspussy without remorse -- but when he put it in, he just, you know, put it in and started pounding, as hard as he could, before I had a chance to get used to it. I loved it.

We started with me on my belly on the bed, then when I couldn't feel it as much as I wanted to (due to my huge ass cheeks blocking his ability to get the whole thing in) I got up on my knees and hung my big ass over the edge of the bed, feet crossed over one another so my ass would make a heart shape and be extra jiggly-looking. This has the extra effect of making my whole ass -- not just my hole, not just my prostate, but my whole ass, my cheeks and all -- feel like it's part of the fucking. He said, under his breath, "Oh sweet," then started pounding again, no mercy, but with no weird s&m type thing going on either. Just pounding because it's there to be pounded. It was like he was digging a hole or doing some other random chore. I was feeling really good and started moaning in a high pitched tone. Didn't take him long to cum in me after that. When he came, he left it in and I wiggled my ass around it while he grunted and grinded. Truth to tell, I would have liked it if he had taken longer.

"I guess your ad didn't lie," he said, all proud of himself for unloading in me, as he got dressed.

 I loved his no-nonsense way and his nice dick. Hope he shows up again someday!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

He Talked to His Wife about Errands on the Phone While I Sucked Him Through Gloryhole

As you know if you've been following my blog, I'm trying to write about every cock that I suck the day that I suck it and have been doing a pretty good job (in part because the number of cocks I've sucked has gone down, down, down thanks to police activity at my favorite ABS). I do have a two-month backlog of cocksucking notes that I haven't written about yet, too, though, and I've promised to eventually get them all up here.

This all happened on September 13. I don't remember most of the details, so this is pretty much just my notes.

-- Skinny redneck with large cock came in my mouth came a lot.

-- Hot young guy with huge thin cock that kept bending fucked me with a condom, then without condom, through gloryhole.

-- Very muscular black guy on steroids? Fucked me with condom in stall. Tiny balls but came a lot.

-- Married shaved head guy that I sucked once in the restroom (I wrote about it) let me suck him through a gloryhole. Small cock, very tender. Talked to his wife on the phone (he has done this before when I sucked him) about running errands. I think he gets into that.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

One Pussy-Flavored Little Cock Last Night

I swear I don't know where everybody is going now that Theater X is (or should be) off-limits due to police activity. You'd think the bookstores in Louisville would be heating up, but no. Last night I went to one of them, a theater/boothstore combo, and basically went to sleep in the theater, it was so slow. I did eventually suck off a bearded guy -- sort of a Kris Kristopherson at 40 kind of look to him -- through the gloryhole. His dick was small and curved upward, and frankly tasted a little bit yeasty, like maybe it had been in a pussy very recently.

I passed by Theater X and there were tons and tons of cars there, despite the fact that police have promised more undercover stings. I can't believe people are still going there but it looks like they might be. I am not going to go there for a while still.