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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Final cock of 2/6: sweet, cocky redneck

The last cock I got on 2/6/2012 was a thin guy with a goatee, kind of a Justin Timberlake look about him, but thoroughly "country" as they say down here.

I sucked his thin, average-length cock for a while, and then asked him if he wanted to fuck me. He enthusiastically said, "Yes." I turned around, stuck my butt to the hole (this was one of the huge gloryholes, square in shape, about 7 inches on each side, that are in the middle row of booths at this bookstore). I waited and waited and waited. Finally I gave up, squatted down, turned around. "You stick that big ol' butt back up there and spread'em," he said. But I noticed that he was putting a condom on.

"You gotta let me have the condom after," I said.

"Sure, fine."

He fucked me, came in the condom, handed it to me, then watched me stick the whole thing in my mouth. Gave me a thumbs up and left.

He may or may not have been the guy who tried to fuck me in the bathroom one time earlier. I would think it was definitely him, except that that guy didn't have any need for a condom, and was also completely fearless when it came to bodily fluids (he wiped my ass with toilet paper before sticking his cock in, dabbing at the santorum as thoroughly as a nursemaid -- I kept saying "I'm sorry," and he mumbled, "Ain't no problem."). So probably not the same guy.

2/6 was a good day for this slut! Sorry it took me so long to get the story out!

Monday, February 27, 2012

2/6/2012 continued: two more loads in my ass (skinny scruff and no-nonsense Arab)

So continuing the story from my last post.

You will remember that there had been a hot, skinny, tall, scruffy-faced twenty-something going in and out of gloryhole-less booths for several hours. Everybody, including myself, had given up on him. I finally thought I had cornered him in a gloryhole booth by accident, and got fucked through the hole by an enormous cock, only to find out that it wasn't him (but the guy it was did turn out to be every bit as hot).

Then I actually finally got the guy. I'm pretty sure it was him. I never actually saw him, but I did see what he was wearing through the hole. If it hadn't been for the first case of mistaken identity, I'd be convinced it was him. This guy also had a big dick, also fucked me through the hole, but left before I had a chance to get out of my booth, so I never quite saw him. Pretty sure it was the original kid, though.

That night was a very hot night.

Later in the evening, a reasonably good-looking Arab guy fucked me through the gloryhole. He wasn't super-hot, but I have a special fetish for Arabs a little bit, so that pushed him up in the rankings. What I like about Arabs is that they know how to fuck. This one was no exception. He was medium height, medium build, nothing special except he had that cocky Arab thing.

Here's how it went down: he was standing in the hallway playing on his phone. I caught his eye and, as I passed, swished my butt a little. He immediately started following me. I went into one of the booths with the enormous gloryholes (about 8 inches by 8 inches) in the middle aisle. He followed me into the booth next door. I showed him my ass while I put my money in. Since he didn't do anything (I had expected him to touch my ass through the hole) I knelt and turned around, to see him playing with himself sitting on the stool. When he saw me kneel, he got up and stuck his dick through the hole. I sucked his dick for a while, until it got hard, then turned around and put my ass to the hole. He didn't waste any time this time, no lube no nothing, just fucked his cock into my turned-out ass-pussy. His dick wasn't all that big, and my asshole was very open and gushy by this point, having taken two loads from two large dicks, so he had to put his fingers in a "V" shape around his cock to make sure he had some structure to fuck into. Which he did. Which turned me on. That is a no-nonsense, down-to-earth fucker! Like I said! Arabs!

I took one more cock up my ass that night, but I'm going to leave this here for now. Will update later today, hopefully. Gotta get back to work.

Monday, February 20, 2012

2 More Loads: Skinny Santa and Mistaken Identity Guy

February 1, I sucked off an older guy with a long white beard, like a skinny Santa. I was in the booth with him. He waited until he was just ready to cum and then shoved it all the way down my throat. Ugly like my previous two tricks, but he had a nice cock and the right attitude, I gotta say that.

I didn't get any more cock until February 6, but that was a very hot night.

There was this young, twenty-something sexy kid, tall and skinny, with a scruffy little beard, who kept going into booths without gloryholes and locking the door. I and all the bitches were going crazy to try to get him. He was wearing white pants and a black sweater. I noted this, because sometimes it helps to be able to identify a guy very, very quickly, if you're just peeking through the hole. Some guys don't like to see you actually looking at them -- they like for it to be completely anonymous, they like to imagine that you have no idea who they are -- so if you know there's a hot guy in the place, and you know what he's wearing, you can establish that it's him on the other side of the gloryhole without actually sticking your eyeball all the way up to the hole and giving away that you know what he looks like.

You gotta get him on the other side of the gloryhole first though.

This one would stay in a booth locked up by himself for a while, then leave the booth, make a circuit around the halls, and go to a different booth. And lock it.

After a while all the bitches, including me, got tired of chasing him.

At some point in the evening I noticed that one of the gloryhole booths had somebody in it, and its companion booth was empty, so, as always, I checked. A quick glance through the hole -- discreetly, not putting my eyeball up to it, because of what I said just previous -- revealed a guy wearing, yes!!!! -- a black sweater and white pants. Before I had a chance to even celebrate, he hauled a fat, long cock out of his pants and put it through the hole.

I sucked it for a while but I could tell I wasn't making any progress. I mean, it stayed hard, but it just wasn't responding to the blowjob. It was just there, and hard, and whatever. I decided to take a chance and impale my ass upon it. You never know if this is going to work out or not, especially with the skittish ones -- but blowing him was wearing me out. I would be there all night, I figured, if I tried to get him off with my mouth.

So I pulled down my pants and backed up onto it. He immediately started fucking as hard as he could into my hole. Guys whose cocks are as big as his don't usually expect to encounter an asspussy as turned out as mine, capable of taking it without any trouble, and tend to go hogwild when they do.

He pulled out.

I dropped down quickly to look through the hole.

He had cum -- there was a little droplet of it hanging off of the head. I motion with my fingers through the hole, but he didn't give it to me. He wiped his cock off with a napkin and started getting dressed.

I rushed out of my booth, still pulling my pants up, and stationed myself in front of his booth to make sure I got once last lingering look at him before he left, because he was so hot. I wanted to savor it.

And he came out.

And it was a different guy wearing a black sweater and white pants.

He was hot, though: shaved head, tattoos on his neck, super-muscular. He was maybe even hotter than the guy I had thought he had been. Just not the guy I thought it had been. This made me laugh. It made me feel like a whore. I love feeling like a whore.

I did get three more loads that night, one of them may or may not have been from the scruffy bearded kid (I think it was him, but I'm not completely sure). More on those in a little bit!

Catching Up Through the End of January: 2 Ugly Tricks

Sorry I've taken so long to post. 

The good news is that I've had plenty of cock since the last time I posted here, and I've made little quick notes using the Blogger app on my phone, so I'll be able to write about every single load that has been pumped into me since that time. Some of those encounters were very hot! I'll try not to take so long to get this stuff written down in the future -- details elude me after a few days. To be honest, looking over my notes, I've sort of completely forgotten a few of these guys. If it weren't for the very rudimentary note, I'd have lost track of this one or that one forever. I'm as much of a slut as that! 

The bad news is that I'm nowhere near tracking toward my goal of 1000 loads in 2012. I hope that I can catch up at some point, but I'm doubting it. I guess I was too ambitious.

Anyway, here's the first catch up post, which will take us through the end of January. 

I should warn you that the end of January, for some reason, cruising was really, really slow going, so my standards got lower and lower as I got more and more desperate for cock. I only got two guys, even though I cruised six or seven days out of that last week of the month -- and neither one of them was anything special. When I get desperate, I get desperate, is what I'm saying -- and I was desperate. A whore's gotta whore.

January 27:

My boyfriend and I went to the ABS together. I sucked one of those guys with a very long, very tight foreskin. I don't remember what he looked like, except that he was older than my usual and fairly fat. I remember sucking him through the gloryhole and him cumming into his foreskin, which bulged out like a balloon full of water. Then I sucked the cum out of the pinprick hole at the top of his foreskin.

January 29:

I think that this guy was the ugliest guy I've ever taken up my ass. He was a lot older than the guys I usually do -- probably in his 70s. But even for a guy in his 70s, he was especially ugly. He looked like his face had been taken apart and put back together, poorly, in a car wreck. I found him sitting with his cock out on a stool in a booth in the back row of the ABS with his door unlocked. I didn't even bother sucking him, just came into the booth, pulled my pants down, and sat on his cock. He came after just a few seconds of me bouncing up and down on it. I left the booth without looking back at him. Bitches in the hallways looked at me funny. They knew how ugly he was, too! Bitches.