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Thursday, February 28, 2013

He Actually Asked Me if I Was a Whore

Yesterday I went out to one of the adult theaters in Louisville. I don't usually go to this one. When I pulled up there was a guy with the hood of his pickup truck up. He was kind of cute in a 40-something redneck married guy kind of way. Cross-eyed. I gave him a jump and asked him, afterwards, if he wanted a blowjob. He did not. My question totally flustered him. This struck me as not a good sign. I went on into the theater anyway.

One of the guys in there, a slightly chubby middle-aged married dude, with a friendly face and short arms and legs, was somebody I've sucked before. He immediately recognized me and wanted me to suck him again, which I did. In the past, he's had trouble cumming, but this time I realized what he needs, sort of by trial and error. He wants to control the pace, to fuck my passive mouth. Most guys who like that will put their hands on your head and force the issue, but he never did, so that's why it took me so long to figure it out. Anyway, once I learned to hold still, tighten my mouth around his cock, and just let him fuck away, it only took him a few seconds to pump a load into my throat. I held his cock, with his cum, in my mouth for quite some time before he decided to pull it out.

The second guy was especially hot. Most fags would probably snoot their noses up at him: working class man, very tall, late forties/early fifties, bald on the top, with blond hair on the sides. Unlike most guys of his demographic who go to the bookstores, he wasn't chubby at all. But he also wasn't muscled up. Just a dude. Super-masculine and confident. Looked like the foreman of a construction crew or something. He came in and went directly to the restroom, but looked back toward the booths (where I was standing) as he went in. I licked my lips. Some guys like that, some guys don't. The ones who don't like it are generally guys I'm not interested in anyway. The ones who like it are the kind of guys I like. I hope this makes sense. Anyway, I couldn't tell if he noticed or not.

When he came out of the restroom, he went right to the theater. I followed, hard on his heels. He sat, stretched himself out, started rubbing on his cock through his pants. I didn't jump right on it at first because I've had bad situations occur when I make a move and the guy doesn't want it. I usually wait until they pull it out. But he just kept rubbing it. Finally I got down on my knees beside him and just flat out asked him if he wanted me to suck it. "Well YEAH," he said, in a very impatient tone, not joking at all, like he'd been wondering why I was being so stupid not sucking it yet.

It wasn't a very big cock but it was tasty. I sucked it a while and licked his balls, which he had pulled through his zipper too. At one point he put both hands on the side of my head and pulled me off. He looked at me with a weird look on his face -- eyes narrow, lips tight, a look that was both gentle and very distancing, like I was an object.

"You are a whore, aren't you" he said, in a flat way -- kind of the way Elaine's boyfriend Putty on Seinfeld talks, no emphasis on any of the words. I found this very, very, very hot.

"Well yeah, I've been one since I was twelve."

He didn't say anything.

"You don't like whores?" I said. He shook his head, "No." This was ambiguous to me. "No, I don't like whores," or "No, I do." So I said, "You do like whores?"

"Yes," he said, still in that flat voice. He wasn't looking at me any more at this point. Just sort of off to the side like a kid being interrogated by a teacher.

"You fuck a lot of whores?" I asked him.

"Yes," he said. "That's all I fuck."

I sucked him a little while longer then he told me to stand up. He stood up beside me. He squeezed my tits under my shirt and I pulled it up for him. He sucked on them for a while, and squeezed them together like a girl's tits.

"You like my tits?" I asked him.

"You've got nice tits," he said, still all quiet and I guess Frankenstein-like. He wasn't looking at me, just focused on my tits. Then he put his hands on my hips and let me know he wanted me to turn around. I did. He told me to drop my pants. I did. He started rubbing his cock on my ass. I arched my back and held my cheeks open and manipulated the situation so that his cock went into my hole. I don't think he had expected that. Earlier in the day I had been playing with a massive buttplug -- the size of a fist -- so I was still loose and lubed up with heavy-duty thick lube. His cock went right in, no pressure, no need for hands to help, no nothing. He fucked me a while and came. He tried to pull out before he came but I pushed my butt back and kept him in. Afterwards, he wiped his cock off with a cotton handkerchief before putting it away. Then he left.

I didn't get any more that day.

That's 13 orgasms I've caused to happen this year, for 13 men. 486 to go to reach my goal of 500 in 2013!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My Email Address Was Hacked

My email address was hacked, and apparently everybody I've ever sent an email to, or received one from, was sent a damaging virus a couple of nights ago. I know this because of dozens of bounces back from now-nonexistent temporary craiglist email addresses. I hope none of you opened the attachment. I have since changed my password. There doesn't seem to be any more hacking activity. Apologies.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Two Randoms

The other day I sucked off a retired-military-type guy, probably mid-fifties to early sixties, muscular but with a tummy, silver crewcut and mustache and goatee. He took forever to cum. He liked fucking it down into my throat. It was just the right size to where he could put his head into my throat without gagging me, no matter how hard he fucked. I sucked him a while in the theater (he stood in front of me), then got tired, so we separated. Later I sucked him a while in a booth (on my knees) but got tired again. I'm serious about how long he took to cum! Finally, back in the theater, a few minutes later, I finished him off. He yelled "cocksucker!" as he came.

Then there was another fat guy who acted like I wasn't there while I sucked him. He was not as tough-looking as the tattooed guy. Just a typical tubby loser who needs a bj. Goatee, glasses. Took a long time to get him to let me. First I squatted down in front of him in the theater and started caressing his cock through his sweatpants, but he kept his hand on it. He didn't seem to mind me having my hand there, too, but his hand was blocking my hand from his actual cock. Then I put my mouth on his sweatpants crotch and breathed air onto it through the fabric. Again, no reaction at all. I left the theater. I came back later, squatted again, and this time asked him if I could suck it. He didn't acknowledge that he heard me, but he did pull it out, so I sucked it. At one point I pulled off to catch my breath (it was pretty nicely sized) and that's the instant he chose to cum. Fortunately, it went right into my mouth, so I just pushed my throat back down on his cock and caught the rest of his little spasms.

Then he got up and left and didn't look at me.


That's 11 loads from 11 men this year, leaving me 489 to reach my goal of 500! Wish me luck!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Same Guy Two Days in a Row, Plus Two Others

Two days ago I went to one of the adult theaters in Louisville. When I first got there, two men were sitting in the theater, at opposite ends of the back row. The one sitting closest to the door was a big, burly, meaty man -- fat belly, with huge, muscular arms and huge, muscular legs, long hair pulled back into a ponytail, tattooes all over. Looked like somebody from Sons of Anarchy. I sat down next to him, licked my lips, but he didn't move. He just kept watching the movie.

I'm not one of those guys who will try a grope with no signs of encouragement. I've run into conflicts doing that before.

So I moved on.

The guy sitting at the far end of the theater was bald but macho, about my age (40s), with little wireframe glasses and a leather jacket. The "cool" accountant from the office, that kind of guy. He already had it out, and made no move to put it away when I sat across from him, so I crawled over and sucked it. He was one of those very appreciative cocksuckees -- legs twitching, moaning, jumpy little breaths. I alternating between deep-throating him and pulling off to blow on the head and then lick the little spot between the piss slit and the circumcision scar. He had one of those cocks that actually gets foamy on the top as you're sucking it, from all the precum he's releasing. When I felt the first little bit of actual cum shoot out, I immediately deepthroated to take the rest of his orgasm tight into my throatpussy. Which made him grunt and moan and cuss and then, finally, sigh.

I moved back over to the first guy. He didn't seem to have moved at all, but I noticed that his dick was out this time. He wasn't playing with it or anything. He was posed exactly like before, watching the movie, except his little dick (big-belly guys often seem to have small dicks because so much of it is buried back in the fat) was throbbing in front of him. I decided to take a chance and go for it. I got down on my knees beside him -- no reaction. In this case, with his dick out like that, no reaction is a good thing. I went down on his cock and his whole body seemed to relax around and above me. Only took me a couple of bounces up and down on it to get his jizz. He still didn't move, though. Just kept watching the movie, looking kind of bored. If you had  a camera trained on his upper half, there's no way you would have known that a fag was between this guy's knees, taking his thick, creamy, forceful blasts of jizz.

It's been a while since I've managed two loads in such quick succession, so I decided to go back yesterday.

I sucked off a married, beer-bellied guy who came in, stood in front of where I was sitting, pulled his cock out, and fed it to me, all without cruising me or trying to figure out what I was interested in or anything. Not sure how that worked out. Maybe he had seen me sucking before. Maybe I've actually sucked him. Who knows? Or maybe I'm just that obvious. Unfortunately, just as he was about to cum, he pulled out and shot his load all over the floor.

Then the balding guy from the day before came in and I sucked him. It went pretty much the same as before.

I think I'll hit the place up tonight at about the same time and see what happens.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Having Trouble Taking Dicks

Went to one of the ABSs in Louisville. It's been a while since I've cruised, in part because of the police pressures on my favorite bookstore, over in Indiana, and in part because of an extended bout of what turned out to be norovirus.

Anyway, the first dick I sucked was an older black man who really got into fucking my throat pretty hard. His dick wasn't all that big, but it was dirty and smelly -- cigarettes and sweat -- and when he came, his cum was so nasty-tasting, thick, and shot so hard into my throat, that I couldn't help but gag. It's been years since I've truly gagged (other than faking it for guys to get off). The guy really liked gagging me and made sure to push it harder down my throat as I gagged. I found this uncomfortable at the time but also a turn-on.

Next was a chubby guy, also black, who let me suck it a while then started playing with my ass. I immediately jumped up, pulled my pants down, and gave it to him. It hurt, though! I haven't hurt that bad since I was a teenager taking cock. He finally came and I went home to shit blood and cum into the toilet.

I don't know what's gotten into me. I guess my virginity of mouth and ass grew back while I was out of commission!