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Friday, March 29, 2013

A Change in Blogging Policy

As you may have noticed, I've stopped the countdown.

For one thing, it made tricking into a chore -- after I finished an evening cruising, I felt obliged to come write it all down, when what I really wanted to do was sleep or watch TV or hang out with my boyfriend. So I fell behind on my blogging, during a time when I actually managed to get quite a few dicks into me. Only one of them was super-special (the Domincan and/or Cuban guy I wrote about), though; the rest were basically the same as most of the other guys I write about: fat dudes who let me suck them, or whatever.

I'm going to reserve this blog for reporting on my most interesting experiences -- the ones I have something to say about -- and stop trying to document every single cock I take. I think that that'll make it more interesting for me, and hopefully more interesting for you.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Titty-fucked by Dominican or Cuban dude -- one of the hottest ever

I've had about 14 dicks shoot into or on me since my last post, but I haven't been blogging each one. Sorry about that. I also didn't take notes, so I'll have to rely on my memory. I did keep a running tally, but no specifics.

At least a few of them were unremarkable fat guys like the kind I often write about. I'll try to catch you up on the memorable ones over the next few days. Note: 10 of these guys were had by me during the past two days -- I've been very productive just lately.

The hottest guy I did during this period was one of the hottest guys I've ever done.

I first saw him as I was leaving one of the adult bookstores. He was going in just as I left. I didn't like that I had missed him, but I didn't want to pay again to go back there. Besides, there was a drunk (but hot!) black guy back there whom I had sucked off already and who now wanted me to go buy him a beer, and wouldn't leave me along about this damn beer, so I'd told him I'd go do it (with no plans of returning). So I couldn't go back.

Anyway: the hot guy. He was a very muscular light-skinned black guy, with the kind of almost Asian facial features that you sometimes see on Dominican or Cuban dudes. He honestly, I swear, looked a lot like the top in this Machofucker video, except younger, less beat-up-by-life, much more muscular, and no tattoos (he could be this guy's younger brother):

You probably don't believe me, but I swear. He was even wearing a wool cap, just exactly the same way this guy wore his. Other indicators all pointed to middle class, though: nice shoes, nice pants, and a varsity sweater from the most expensive Catholic high school in Louisville (St. X, where Tom Cruise went briefly).

I went to a different adult bookstore, and what do you know, within five minutes, he had followed me there.

Getting him was easy. He saw me, nodded, and went to a booth with the door open, just like that.

I sucked him with him standing in front of me. When I went all the way down, the force of my throat trying to get his dick into it actually caused him to step back and almost fall over. I did get it in, though. He pulled back and laughed appreciatively. I don't think anyone had ever taken him all the way before.

I also got him to titty-fuck me. There's a certain kind of guy who likes to titty-fuck the manboobs of a cocksucker, and that guy is definitely not "gay." He liked it so much that he put his two feet up on the seat beside me and started fucking my tits like I was a bitch, rubbing his hands along my flabby sides and belly as he did so. I think he could have cum this way. But I wanted to suck him.

After a while he lay down (this particular booth has a raised couch-like area, though it's not upholstered) and I was able to suckle and deep-throat him longer. I kept him in my throat so long at one point he felt okay putting his hands on the back of my head and gently fucking into and out of it for a bit. I managed not to gag, but I did have to pull off. When I'm deepthroating, I need to be in control or I panic. Something to work on.

He wouldn't fuck me without a condom, which is the only bad thing. I did get him off, though, and ate his jizz. I hope I see him again. I'll take a sabotaged condom!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Titty-Fucked and Throat-Fucked by Tubby Latino

Yesterday I went to the theater/bookstore and sucked off a tubby Latino guy I'd sucked on (but not off) before. First he came into the theater and fucked the face of some older cocksucker who had been sitting there for a while, and whom he had obviously been face-fucking on and off for a while that day. After a while he got bored doing that and came over and face-fucked me.

I have done this guy before, like I mentioned, but I didn't get him off. I don't write about them unless they give me their jizz. The reason I didn't get him off is that every time he would get close, he would pull his cock out of my mouth. At one point, the time before, he just left. He leaned down and looked directly into my eyes, pointed a finger at me, and said, "Stay right here." Then he never came back.

This time, I got him off, but he did at one point pull the "Stay right here" trick once. He did come back though.

Some other things about him: he liked turning my head sideways to fuck me harder in the throat, even though the reality is his cock wasn't long enough to get into my throat. I still liked the forcefulness. Also: he enjoyed titty-fucking my flabby manboobs. It made him go crazy and he started kissing my forehead.

When he did get off, it was the kind of load that leaks out of a cock slowly -- at first I thought it was just precum, then I thought it was a lot of precum, then I thought it was a whole lot of precum, then I realized that he had cum.

Then my boyfriend called because he needed me to pick him up from the barbershop, so I didn't get any more yesterday.

That's 16 men who have released their jizz into me in 2013, leaving me with 484 to go to reach my goal of 500. I'm moving much slower this year than last, but I think it's all because of the police problems at the one formerly popular bookstore, and that that will clear up eventually. 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Appreciative Guy & Guy With Huge Wart

I'm starting to develop a regularness around one particular bookstore in southwest Louisville. It's still not as good as the Police-Troubled-ABS in Indiana, where I could sometimes get six to twelve loads in one day, but I'm managing at least two every time I go to this one. That's good enough for now, while the Louisville bookstore cruising scene recovers from the effective shut-down of its primary venue.

This happened a couple of days ago.

First I sucked off an older guy with a long braided ponytail in a booth. Not as old as Willie Nelson, but the same kind of general style and attitude. He had a thin, long dick that curved upward. From the second my mouth went on it he kept saying, "Oh that's good, oh that's good, oh that's good, oh that's good." After he came, and I stood up, he said, "Thanks, that was good." I started to say, "I know," but I try never to be sarcastic with my tricks, and it had been pretty good, anyway.

The next guy was a younger guy, married, who sat in the corner of the theater. He might have been fat and he might not -- I couldn't tell because he was wearing one of those big puffy Michelin Man type coats and never took it off. The theater that day had a number of very old men wandering in and out of it. He would only let me suck him when he and I were the only ones in there, which was annoying, because those other guys were constantly coming in. They weren't bugging us or anything. They were just cruising each other, I think. I'm not blaming them. But everytime he heard the door crack, he would pull his dick back under his sweatpants. Finally, at a time when most of the old men were in the theater, I went to each one in turn, grabbed his crotch, rubbed it a little, then went back to my guy. "They're all here for the same thing," I said. This seemed to calm him down and he let me suck him.

He had an enormous wart on the side of his cock, about an inch from the top. He also had scar tissue on the very sensitive spot where the bottom of the cock turns into the head of the cock -- I expect that another wart was removed from there.

He didn't cum until one of the old men stood beside us and pulled out his own cock. Dude grabbed the old man's cock and started playing with it, and also came in my mouth at the same time. I'm not sure I am happy with that scenario, but whatever.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Shout-Out to iBLASTinside

Yesterday I got an email from Mark Bentson, co-founder of the #bbbh (Bareback Brotherhood) community on Twitter, to let me know that he had added this site to his blogroll at If you're not familiar with his blog, and you like this one, you should definitely check it out. In it, he details his own cruising adventures -- sort of the flip-side to mine, since he's a top. Thanks again, sir! It's an honor! Maybe I'll take your load one day.