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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Three skinheads and one dude who had hair

Shaved heads are very popular in Louisville during the summer. Of the four guys I got on the date I'm writing about now (I don't know what the date was -- probably late August), three of them had shaved heads. I don't think they are technically "skinheads," because that's a much more specific thing, but I like to call them skinheads anyway.

The first one, I don't much remember. I remember that I was at the usual adult bookstore. That's only because I remember the guys in the notes after this one. Anyway, here is the note I made:

-- bald guy in pale blue shorts very thick cock.

You will notice that I don't mention how I got him off, whether it was through the gloryhole, or not, or whether he fucked my ass or my mouth or what. I wish I took better notes. Sorry. I just don't remember this one.

The second one, I do remember:

-- one of my regulars

This guy is a short, skinny dude with a beard who has fucked me in the ass a few times. The first time we ever got together was in the restroom at this same adult bookstore. Another time, he actually came to my house after answering a craigslist ad, and recognized me when I opened the door. This time, he fucked my ass for a little while through the gloryhole, then left the stall. I followed him to another gloryhole stall, and sucked him off. I think my ass was "off" that day. There are days when everybody wants to get into my ass, and days when nobody does. In this case, I had two different guys fuck my ass for a while but then cum in my mouth -- more on that later -- so maybe it was too loose and too gushy or something. It happens. I don't know!

Anyway, that was the one with hair on his head. Everybody else I got that day was bald.

The third one:

-- Big skinhead in restroom

This was, as mentioned, a big, very muscular, thick blue collar guy, who I sucked off in the restroom (I don't usually get guys in the restroom there -- it's risky, they might throw me out for good if they thought I was doing that) but when it happens, it happens. I noticed him at the urinal when I came into the restroom, but there was another guy at the urinal beside him, an older man, so I didn't make a move. The way this restroom works, you walk directly in and there are urinals along the wall on your left, then you turn right at roughly the same place where the urinals end and there's a doorless toilet stall at right angles from the last urinal. I sat on the toilet stall. I heard the two guys at the urinal whispering. I think the old guy was trying to talk the shaved-head guy into going to the arcades. Once I heard the door shut, I assumed that they had both left together, but when I came around the corner I saw that the bluecollar guy was still standing at the urinal. I made eye contact and went back to the toilet. He followed me immediately, cock hanging out of his pants, and just put it in my mouth, no questions asked. His cock was thin and short, but very sensitive and tasty, and he skull fucked it so hard into my throat that I thought my jaw would pop open.

He turned out to be a regular, later -- more on that shortly.

The fourth guy, another skinhead-type:

-- young bald guy who takes forever to cum (a regular)

This is a 20-something very athletic-looking jock-type guy who comes in fairly frequently to get his dick sucked. He isn't picky: whoever gets him gets him, and I've seen some nasty old bitches get him. Soon as he came in, I got behind him and followed him to a gloryhole stall, shooting evil looks to left and right to ward of any cockblocking interference. I got him! This is maybe the third time, out of about ten times I've seen him there. He's got a nice, long, thick, uncut dick that he likes to fuck in and out of the gloryhole, without any bearing on what you're holding up to the hole to catch it. First I had my mouth there, then I took my mouth off (he continued to fuck the air) and put my ass up to it. He didn't miss a stroke. He did, however, get soft after fucking my ass for a while. I went back to my mouth on the hole. When he came, he was buried deep, deep, deep into my throat. I felt every detail of his cockhead flaring inside there, though, my throat muscles were that sensitive. I could have drawn a picture of it based on the impressions in my throat nerves alone.

Two totally straight guys -- quick cummers

It's been a long time since I've posted, but I have been taking a lot of cock, and taking a lot of notes. Looking back on the notes, what's embarrassing to me (and also a little tittilating) is how many guys I've gotten off that I completely forgot about afterwards. Some of them I can vaguely remember after I see the note, but I never would have remembered without it. Some of them, even with the note, I have no idea what happened or what I was talking about. Usually this was when I was in a frenzy, getting lots of cock, and they all just blur into one in my memory. In the past month alone, I've gotten 39 loads to shoot from about 36 men, according to my notes -- more men than most bitches -- even most slutty bitches! -- have sex with in a whole year. I wouldn't even know this fact if I hadn't been jotting down notes after every load I inspire -- (as long as they cum because of having their dick in my mouth or my ass, I count it, even if they don't give me the load) -- otherwise, I'd probably think I get about half the amount of cock that I actually get.

I'll try my best to remember every cock that I've written down in my notes, and tell you what happened, but in some cases I'll just have to copy the note that I made immediately after getting the guy off, and let that be that, because I have no idea what I was talking about when I wrote that note.

You should also be aware that if I suck a guy, or if he fucks me, and he doesn't cum, I don't count that as "having sex," so it doesn't go into my notes. If you are looking to account for how much of a slut I am, you can add another 30% to my sex totals if you count guys who don't cum as having had sex with me.

So, getting on with it.

Most of my notes are undated. I'm going to try to fix that going forward. I have made little marks between days, so I know which guys fell together on a particular day. I will try to go through day by day and catch up on all my cocks. Expect a lot of blogging until I catch up! There were a lot of really hot guys and really hot things that happened. This much I remember!

So here are my notes for the first day since my last post:

-- Tubby skinhead took forever to pick movie but came quickly.

I remember waiting and waiting and waiting at the gloryhole for this guy. It was one of those situations where you're not sure if he's actually cruising. He kept changing the movie and grabbing his crotch, but he didn't take his cock out until right before he let me suck it. I had almost given up on him. The only thing that kept me there was that he only stopped at the straight movies, and skipped over the gay ones quickly. Also, he would look down at the hole from time to time to make sure I was still watching. Finally, he stuck it through and I sucked it and it came almost as soon as my mouth got on it. That's what I remember, and I probably only remember all of that because I emphasized the long wait in the note that I made right afterwards. I don't really remember what he looked like, I don't remember his cock. I just know that I sucked it and that he had a sweet load that I loved eating.

-- Scruffy black haired guy played with my tits and came very quickly.

I remember this guy a little bit more. He was a skinny trucker-type (which is opposed to the much more common fat trucker-type): black hair, uncombed under a nylon baseball cap, red plaid shirt, hadn't shaved, or probably had a shower, in a while. I went into the stall with him and dropped to my knees and took his cock in my mouth, but it didn't get hard right away. One of the more shameful things that I like to do with a man who is obviously "really" straight is hike my shirt up over my head and play with my big fat man-boobs. If I pull them tight together into my hands they look a lot like a girl's tits. There are certain guys who really, really, really get off on this -- and this guy turned out to be one of them. He immediately got hard as soon as I started playing with my tits. He didn't grab them the way some guys do, but he did put his hand down, like it was by accident, and let his pinky brush my nipple. At the same time he did that, he also sharply breathed in and came. As you might expect, I liked it.

I should mention that I'm not a transexual or a CD or anything, but I can act a little effeminate if that's what it takes to get a man excited, and do especially love it when my tits get a man off. It "proves" that he's thinking of women while using me, and I've always liked that idea, that I'm just a replacement for what he really wants, that he just happens to be horny enough to be willing to use me.

Fucked up? Probably. Whatever. It gets you hard reading about this. Don't lie.