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Thursday, August 23, 2012

August 15: black-haired bearded white guy

I actually have kind of a thing for guys who cum as soon as I get my mouth around their cocks. I figure they have to have been thinking some kind of feverishly nasty shit in their minds about how they wish that they had something wet on their dicks. A guy who pops off that quickly is definitely in the category of "men who are just using me as a hole to get off in." That's what happened on the 15th. Dude comes in -- 30something office worker type guy in good shape, with a bit of a scruffy beard. Goes to gloryhole stall. I go beside him, stick my mouth to the hole and make lewd pussy-like gestures with my lips. He sticks it into my mouth, cums, and goes. I don't think he even got it all the way in before he shot his wad.

That was the only cock I got that day.

August 12: Two in my Mouth, Two in My Ass

On the 12th, the first cock I got was a Mexican guy with a long, stinky, uncut penis that curved down and to the right. He fucked my face really hard through the gloryhole, to the point where my inner lips were bleeding. I just pushed myself as hard against the gloryhole as I could, took it like a good mouthpussy, until he shot his load. He was one of those really short Mexican guys with the big mustache.

Next I sucked off a black chubby guy whose cock smelled like cigarettes and who had very sharp, sour cum -- also through the gloryhole.

The best cock I got that day was a twenty-something preppy married guy, who wasted no time. He came walking fast into the arcade, went directly into a booth with a hole (I happened to be standing next to it), and by the time I got into the booth his hard cock was already sticking through the hole. It was nice and substantial. I licked it a little bit, then backed my ass up onto it and fucked myself onto it. I'm not sure he ever even knew that it was an ass and not just a toothless mouth. He never moved his cock. After a while I felt it pulsing in me. I quickly spun around after he pulled out, and put my face to the hole, just in case he freaked out if he looked through and saw an ass there (I had a guy in New York try to beat me up after he found out I had taken him into my ass instead of my mouth). He didn't look through the hole, though. He just left.

The last guy was a curly-haired skinny trucker type guy, who fucked me through one of gloryholes. He pulled out when he came, though, and shot it all over my hole. After he left, I squatted down and dabbed it with my fingers and then pushed the load into my manpussy. Some of it had dripped onto the floor, so I dabbed that up, too, and pushed that into my hole as well.

August 9: 3 Loads in (or around) My Ass

It's been a while since I posted, but I've been taking dick on a fairly regular basis. Most of this is recreated from my notes (I type in a very quick summary of the guy I've gotten off into my phone as soon as we're finished).

On August 9, I took care of three gentlemen. Everybody got off in or on my ass. I like feeling like an ass-slut, so that was fine by me. Usually my ratio is more like 2 guys in my mouth for every 1 who wants to go in my ass. It was just one of those days, I guess!

First was a very good looking, short shaved-head guy, maybe Mexican, with a 90s style soul patch. I sucked him for a little while. He had a very tender, thin, but long cock. Then I put my ass up to the hole and he enthusiastically fucked me, cumming after only a couple of thrusts.

Next was an older guy in an Icee uniform -- late fifties, I'm guessing. He had a very large fat cock that I took in my ass through one of the big gloryholes. I never even put it in my mouth. I just looked at it when he stuck it through, and decided I wanted it up my ass. He was ugly as fuck but the cock was good. Scratched my itch!

Then another older guy with another large dick. He's a regular there. I've sucked him off before. Twenty years ago he would have been hot, hot, hot. As it is he's still very much a masculine man, with a handsome hefty cock. I put my ass up to the hole, but I don't think he actually put it into me. He just rubbed along the crack until he came. My hole was gooey afterwards. I left it on there, and kept my ass up to the gloryhole, hoping that another man would show up and get turned on by the whore's cum-covered hole standing waiting for dick, but nobody else fucked me. A couple of guys showed up and looked, one of them laughed at it, one touched a finger to the gooey mess, but nobody put his dick in.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

One Cock Yesterday

I don't usually cruise the adult bookstore on Saturday night because it is so crowded. It's  not just crowded with gay guys, either: it's crowded with straight guys looking for male/female couples. These guys all stand around jawing, and they chase any couple who comes in harder than any queen has ever chased any trick. You'd think that I would like it when the place is full of horny, frustrated straight guys, but it's a problem. Every one of those guys has been sucked by a fag, I guarantee it. But they can't let the other guys -- who have also been sucked by fags -- know this. It's just their way. So the place is full of guys I'd suck, and none of them are going to let me suck them because they know that the other guys -- who I'd also suck -- would see that they had let a fag suck them. They all have to pretend that they're only there for the couples.

It's awful.

I did manage to get one cock, though. Just as I was going in, a blonde 20-something construction-worker type kid (dirty shirt, dirty hands, clean bright handsome face) came in behind me. He followed me in, then followed me into the gloryhole booth beside the one I went into. His tokens weren't working. This could be a bad thing. I've lost many tricks due to non-working videos. But he kept at it, and eventually even put a dollar in, which did work. He was determined to not leave that booth! He was also shaking a little bit. He had a nice, thin cock. He didn't like it when I moved up and down: he only wanted to fuck into my mouth. Eventually, he came -- but not much.

I waited around for five hours listening to straight guys jabber about this or that straight couple who may or may not show up, after that. Jesus Christ those guys are much louder and more obnoxious than us fags. I'm sure of it.

Last Wednesday I Made at Least 11 Guys Cum

Last Wednesday I sucked cock from about 6:30 am to about 2:00 pm at the adult bookstore. Almost an eight hour work day! I counted the loads as I went, but I didn't take notes. I was too busy! I hope I remember them all. I will try! If the following post doesn't include 13 guys (11 in my mouth, two in my ass), that means I either miscounted while working the gloryhole, or I have forgotten some of them. Let's see ...

The first was a blond guy with a large curvy dick. He looked to be in his early thirties -- Little League coach type of a guy. The head was especially large, but the whole thing was large. It curved to my right (his left). I sucked it through the gloryhole, and put it in my ass for a little while, but it didn't stay hard in my ass, so I sucked some more. I got him off with my mouth, mostly, but unfortunately I had just pulled off to think about putting it in my ass again when he came. A lot of his cum went into my hand. I put my mouth back on it and took the rest, then wiped the cum on my hand onto my asshole, for lube for later cocks.

Next was a very handsome, clean black guy in a button-down shirt and business slacks. He had one of those dicks that turns completely to the side -- I have only encountered two of those in my life, but apparently they are a thing. Starts normally-oriented at the base, but then twists on its own axis as it goes out until the head is 90 degrees from normal, even though the cock itself is straight as a stick.

Despite that one weirdness, it was a fairly substantial cock, maybe 8 or 9 inches long, two or three wide. I sucked him for a while through the gloryhole, then put my ass to the hole and managed to get him into me. He fucked into me for a while then pulled out. I'm always afraid I will lose them at that point -- that they are freaking out for the anal play -- so I jumped down into a squat and started licking my lips at the hole. He, indeed, had been putting his cock back into his pants, but decided to give me another taste.

After sucking it for a little while more, I still wanted it in my ass very badly. It just felt like the kind of cock that needed to go into my ass. Good cocks for ass tend to be tender to the touch, and fat and long, of course, and more sensitive than the normal kind. When you lick the sides, you can feel the man shiver. That's how you know that this will be a good cock for ass. This was definitely a good cock for ass.

I tried it again, and this time he fucked me until he came. I turned and squatted again and he told me to "clean it off," which I did. He stayed hard, so I sucked on it for a while longer. Which turned into a long while longer. So then, what the hell, I put it back into my ass again, and he fucked another load into me -- taking much longer, but really giving my prostate a solid massage. I was so loose and lubed up that he was able to pull all the way out and slam it all the way back in, toward the end there. He was moaning more than I was!

Interlude. Those two guys shot their loads into my mouth and ass within about thirty minutes of one another. They were the sum total of the pre-work crowd, I think. It was about 7 or 7:30 by now. The cleaning staff -- two Mexicans, only one of whom is kind of do-able -- showed up, turned all the lights on in the arcade, and started cleaning. This is the danger of arriving too early at my favorite bookstore. I went out into the main part of the store to wait until they finished. It took them about and hour or two before they got fully done.

Next was a blond-haired forty-something guy with acne pits on his face, and bright blue eyes. He invited me into a booth with him. He got up on his stool, laid back into the wall, and spread his legs wide so that I could eat his ass and balls while sucking his cock. When he came, I happened to have my mouth off of it (this doesn't usually happen -- twice in one day! bad cocksucker!) and it went all over my neck and shirt before I got it back into my mouth. He came a lot. He warned me about having some on my neck and I told him that I've been seen in public with cum in worse places than that before.

Next was a guy with a mean-looking face and a beer belly. Other than that, he was pretty hot, with strong arms and legs, a really masculine attitude. His cock was short, about five inches, but very fat, and it had a deliciously clean & tender foreskin that hugged the sides of the head, never covering the head itself. I like that in a foreskin. Also a constant dribble of pre-cum drool came out of the slit. A good cock for serious sucking. He was a real mouth-fucker, not giving me the opportunity to do any of the work myself. He fucked in and out, and also up and down, making me move my head around to keep up with where he was going. This particular gloryhole is more like a slot, about 7 inches up and down and three inches wide. He wallowed around and humped that wall deliriously, like it was a big fat whore, and my mouth just had to guess where his cock was going to be going next and meet him there. I tried to get him to fuck me in my ass but he actually left the stall when he saw my ass at the hole. I jumped out and followed him to the next gloryhole, where I finished him off, and never put my ass up to the hole. I don't know if he realized I was the same mouth that he had been fucking before, or not. When he came in my mouth (really right on the verge of my throat) he said, "Oh. Yes. God."

Next was a chubby blond guy that had a large Prince Albert piercing. These usually get in the way, but I was able to suck him off -- probably because his cock was so plump and pleasing. I managed to get him into my ass for a little while, but there was no way that was going to work. Prince Alberts, especially ones this large -- the ring gauge was about as thick as a pencil, strike me as the most annoying and least functional of all the piercings. He came in my mouth.

The sixth guy was another handsome black guy. This one's a regular here. He's either gay or bi (he watches gay movies), but I don't mind, because he is so hot, and because he seems to be a complete top. He looks like a slightly pudgy version of LL Cool J. He has fucked me once before through the gloryhole. His cock is enormous. It's at least five or six inches around -- kind of oval-shaped, flat on the top and bottom and fat on the sides -- and 8 or 9 inches long.

This day, I kept going into gloryhole booths and sticking my ass to the hole, hoping he would follow, but he didn't. When I was standing around outside, though, he would stand near me and fondle his cock.

Finally I went into a non-gloryhole booth, and he followed me in. I sucked it a while. I was able to take it all the way down! I hadn't expected to be able to get that thing all the way into my throat. Then I asked if he wanted to fuck me, and he did. I found it more difficult to take without the gloryhole between us. When there's a gloryhole involved, the bottom has a little bit of control. If the cock is coming on too hard, I can pull away a little bit, and he can't follow me because of the wall. That wasn't the case in the booth. He fucked the living daylights out of me, shoving it in so hard I couldn't breathe, and slamming it back out so hard I didn't want to. I hardly ever grunt and whine when I'm getting fucked, because I am such a loose, pussy-assed fag, but I swear I sounded like a teenage virgin. Toward the end, I shot a little bit of very runny, liquid shit out (I felt it spray my legs) and I was humiliated, but either he didn't notice or he didn't care. I tried to pull up and away, but he was all, "No, I'm cumming, wait, wait." After he came, he thanked me and left. I grabbed some paper towels to clean off my leg and the floor.

Next was a wiry construction-worker type guy with curly salt and pepper hair. His cock tasted sweet, weirdly. He came almost as soon as I got it in my mouth through the gloryhole.

Load number eight came from another pudgy trucker-type guy. This one had a fairly small cock. I liked the tattoos on his arms and neck. He had a goatee and a face shaped like an anvil. Came in my mouth through the gloryhole.

By now I'm getting overly excited because I'm within striking distance of my all-time record for taking loads in one day (15). I hardly ever get past five loads in one cruising day -- six or seven on a really good day. To have reached 8 so easily made me think maybe this is the day I beat my record. Every time a new guy came in, I'd say, "You're number nine, you're number nine, you're number nine."

I said this about a skinny, very handsome black-haired guy with thick matted chest and arm hair (the kind that goes down past the wrists), but by now it was noon, and there was a lot of competition. He went into a booth, immediately followed by one of the other queens hanging around.

Then a tubby but very cute and bearish tattooed guy came in. C. Everett Coop beard, big strong arms, fat gut, smiley face. I said, "You're number nine, you're number nine, you're number nine" to myself. But he disappeared in the crowd.

Then it just happened that the queen who had jumped into the booth beside my skinny, hairy guy came out. I guess they didn't like each other. I jumped in and squatted. He already had his cock out. Fairly long, nice big head, not completely hard. I sucked it a while, then he reached through the hole (this particular booth has a very large, square gloryhole) and grabbed my face in his hands. He positioned my face so that my chin was pushed all the way through the hole, and my forehead was all the way back, a weird and uncomfortable angle. But it also happened to the the angle that allowed him to stick his cock straight down my throat with no problems. Which he did. He fucked his load into me quickly after that, just two or three strokes directly into my breathing-hole.

I stayed on my knees when he left, and who should appear but the tubby bearish tattooed guy. He just came directly into the door, pulled his cock out and shoved it through, no questions asked. He had a very small, very hard little cock -- about four inches long, fairly thin, hard as a piece of silverware. I enjoyed sucking it, especially because I knew that he knew that I had just finished up the guy in "line" in front of him. So instead of number nine, he was number ten. Didn't take him long.

I walked around a bit after that. I sucked off one more tubby guy -- went into a booth with him. He had a very bulbous belly and no belly button. He said, "I'm going to fill you up." Just as he was cumming, I got a cramp in my foot (I was on my knees, my feet were bent back on themselves, I was wearing flip-flops) but I managed to gobble down load number eleven in that state.

I walked around for hours after that. Nothing much showed up. The place died after lunch. Now, I distinctly remember thinking that I had done 13 guys, but all I can remember here is 11. Either way, I didn't make my record! Still, thirteen loads, or even eleven loads, is a lot of loads for one slut in one day, I think anybody would agree. Wouldn't you agree?

I hope before I get too old to attract good cock that I can someday suck 20 in one day. That's my current goal.