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Monday, October 22, 2012

Girl Tells Her Boyfriend to Fuck Me Through Gloryhole

You have probably noticed that I get annoyed by the large number of straight couples who cruise the adult bookstore on the weekends. I usually stay out of there on weekends, as a matter of fact, because of them. It's not actually the couples who are problematic, though: it's the lonely-loser straight guys who clutter the halls, yammering loudly and waiting for them. I know what you might be thinking, and no: they're worse than the cocksuckers like me, who clutter the halls. More desperate. Also louder. More social. They travel like a pack of sharks. That's what the weekends are like, there.

Weekdays, you mostly still have normal cocksuckers and cocksuckees. When a straight couple comes in, they get ignored, more often than not, by the cocksuckers lining the walls. Which is what happened the day I'm telling you about -- my notes indicate that it was sometime in mid-September. This very cute guy -- just my type, short-cropped hair, a little bit of a beer belly, mid-twenties to early thirties, tattooes, stupid look on his fat-lipped face -- walks in with his chubby blond girlfriend and they go immediately into a gloryhole booth. Since this wasn't a weekend, there were no straight guys waiting around for them, so nobody goes in.

Finally, bored, I decided to do so. I looked in the hole, and the girl's face was there. She immediately stuck her pussy up to the hole.

I left the booth. No offense, but I've got no use for pussy.

An hour passed. Still, nobody went in there. I was still bored.

I went back into the booth, but instead of looking through the hole, I thought I'd see what happened if I just stuck my asshole up to it.

I heard her rustle around. Then I heard them whispering. He laughed, kind of embarrassedly, but she kept whispering with urgency. Then I felt the head of his cock poke through the hole.

This wasn't one of the super-large gloryholes I usually get fucked through, just a normal-sized hole, about the diameter of a soda can. I kept my ass to the hole but I did lean forward a bit and look back to make sure. His cock completely filled the diameter of the hole, that's how thick it was. He was only getting the head through at first. It was also already covered in slime, which was not spit and was not lube. I think it was actual pussy-juice, but what do I know? I arched back on it, took the head, and heard him groan -- it was more of an "argh" like somebody had hurt him, but I don't think it hurt him. He kept pushing and pushing and eventually got his whole cock through the (for him) tight gloryhole, and into my (not at all) tight manpussy. I heard her whispering to him the whole time. I was afraid he would scrape his dick on the sides of the gloryhole and not want to fuck me, so I rode up and down on his cock, allowing him to just stick it through and hold it still, until he unloaded in me. Which he did, with a really mean-sounding scream, like one of those Marine calls or something. "HRrrrah."

One of the hottest things that has ever happened to me.

I don't mind couples at the bookstore so much anymore, now that I know how to handle them!

What I don't know is whether or not she told him that it was a guy's ass or if she tried to convince him it was a girl's, or if she even knew, or cared, herself.

Three Cocks from One Craigslist Ad, and a Thought on the Cocksucker vs. Cocksuckee Demographics

Still catching up on my old notes.

This would have been the middle of last month (September of 2012).

I posted an ad on Craigslist inviting straight guys to come over and use my mouth and/or ass. Seems like there's a ton of those ads on Craigslist, and if you didn't read between the lines, you'd think that the whole world is full of cocksuckers and there are no cocks to be found. I think a lot of sluts give up. I always get some when I post an ad, though, no matter how many other fags there are who have also posted. I think there's still more guys looking for blowjobs or butts to fuck than there are cocksuckers or ass-whores -- but the "straight" guys don't place ads. Why would they? The bitches are all lined up panting waiting for the cock. They get to pick and choose.

The first guy who answered was a skinny black guy with an enormous, fat, long curved cock. He said he was going to fuck me in his emails, but once he got here I ended up just sucking him off. He never made a move on my ass. I did get it all the way down my throat, which I don't think he was used to (he gasped). Eventually he worked up the courage to put his hands on the back of my head and force-fuck me. I always like it when they figure out that that's cool, on their own.

That was the only cock I got that day, but I got two more cocks from the same ad the next day. I guess in Louisville people read the older ads in addition to the newer ones.

The first guy that second day was somebody I had done before. He's middle-aged, wears a suit, looks like a trim used car salesman. His cock twists sideways from his body. I may have written about him before. Anyway, he came over, I sucked him, he left.

The second guy was a young cable installation contractor with tattoos all over his body and a shaved head. He asked me for my "stats" in his email, which is usually a turn-off for me (my favorite kind of guy is the kind who just wants a fucking mouth or ass to fuck and doesn't give a fuck), but followed it up with a second email, "Not that it really matters," almost immediately. He smelled and tasted strongly of cigarettes once he arrived. He stood the whole time while I sucked him off. Didn't take long, though he never got hard until just before he was ready to cum. I think he might have been the guy who originally installed our cable (they looked similar, anyway), but that's been seven years ago now, so I can't be certain.

If there were more cocksuckers than cocksuckees, I wouldn't have gotten three cocks from one ad. It's obvious that the numbers are in the cocksuckers' favor. It's just that one cocksucking satisfies the guy getting sucked, but the cocksucker needs more, more, more, so they're always looking.