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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Pierced Cock Never Got Fully Hard

Thursday I sucked off a guy with a Prince Albert piercing in his cock. As you might expect, he was shaved-headed and tattooed all over. He had the look of a guy who has recently lost a lot of weight. Not unhealthy, I'm not saying that. Just kind of loose-skinned.

Anyway, he never got hard. I sucked him until I got worn out, then I got up and said my legs had gone to sleep from being on my knees. This was a lie and an excuse. The reality was that I get bored sucking cocks that don't get hard.

There was nobody else around, though, and he kept cruising me, so I decided to give it another try. He told me to sit down on the floor of the stall and he would fuck my face, which he did. The piercing kept grating along the sides of my teeth, sounded like a phone dialing (is anybody who reads this blog old enough to remember when you had to actually dial a phone, with an actual dial)? Click, click, click, click, click. Eventually he came without ever getting hard. Weird.

That was the only cock I got on Thursday. I hate it when I cruise and I only get one.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fort Knox

Last night I drove up to the Adult Book Store in Muldraugh, close to Fort Knox.

The way it works at this ABS is there's a big room with a big screen tv in it and a bunch of couches. When I walked in, there were two different suckable-looking guys at two different couches. One was a soldier-looking guy (hard to know for sure) who may have been a Latino. He looked a little bit like that George Zimmerman guy. The other was an older guy with a beard. They both had their dicks in their hands. Since I don't usually cruise this place, I wasn't sure if I could just get on my knees and start macking on their cocks or what, so I sat on another couch for a bit and just looked at them. I sat on the edge of the couch, leaning far forward, making sure that they both knew I was watching their cocks, not the movie. Neither seemed phased by this. I still wasn't sure what to do though, until the older guy got up and left.

I stood, walked over to the couch with the Latino guy. I pointed at my mouth and then pointed at his cock. He spread his legs wider and leaned back farther. I had no doubt at this point!

His cock had a very thick, very long foreskin, but it was nice and clean. Took him forever to cum. After a point, another queer came in and started playing with his nipples. That finally sent him over the edge.

When he left, he smiled and waved at me. I was exhausted!

The nipple-pinching queer started making moves on me, grabbing at my cock and trying to talk to me constantly, so I left.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

July 16: six cocks

So last night I got to the ABS at about 7:30. First cock: a fat redheaded, bearded trucker guy. I sucked him through the gloryhole for a little while, but then he said his legs were cramping. He had the kind of bellyfat that makes it hard to keep yourself stuck to the gloryhole. I went over to his booth and finished him off. He was so anxious to get away from me after cumming, that he forgot to put his cock up before he went out the booth door.

Next was a very masculine guy, probably another trucker, with a ridiculous comb-over -- just two or three strands of hair. Why do you even bother at that point? His dick wasn't hard when he first stuck it through the hole, and since it also wasn't very big, I actually had a hard time getting to it at first. I could barely just get the head in (the hole itself is about an inch thick). Once he finally got hard, his little cock was about four or five inches, long, fairly thin, hard as an arrow. I stopped sucking for a second to think about putting it in my ass. What I usually do is hold the cock in my hand for a second and see how the man responds to not being sucked. I hadn't had my fingers on it for a full second before I heard him say, "Oh my god," and he came in my hand, thick milky ropes of jizz that got all over my hand and my pants leg.

Next I got fucked thru gloryhole by an older guy who never saw me. I looked through the gloryhole and saw nothing but his big cock coming through. I backed my ass up onto it and he fucked me for a couple of minutes and then came. Later I saw him come out of the stall: probably late fifties, thin, masculine guy with tattoos, like a stereotype of an older sailor or trucker.

A young guy with fat thighs and a ponytail. I probably shouldn't have done him. He was gay, I think. When I first went into the stall, he was kneeling down. I started to get up and leave (I have got no use for cocksuckers) when he goes, "Are you taking or giving?" I said, "Sorry, taking," and he stood up. "No," he said. "Wait." I sucked him a while then put my ass onto it and made him cum that way. Like I said: probably shouldn't have.

Next was a very tubby, very masculine young guy -- probably a trucker, but this one was in his twenties. He had a weird foreskin. It was about an inch and a half down his dick from his head. I've never seen that. He had a wedding ring on. He smelled and tasted strongly of cigarettes. He wouldn't fuck me. I sucked his cock for a while, then he pulled out, played with himself until he was shooting sperm on my lips, then he stuck it back in.

The last fuck of the night, I never saw. I decided to stand with my ass to the gloryhole and see if I could get this one young black guy to fuck me. Somebody came in and fucked me, but it wasn't the young black guy, because he was still there afterwards, and hooked up with somebody else.

It was 8:30 when I left: 6 cocks in one hour, or one every ten minutes.