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Monday, April 2, 2012

My notes 3/12 - 3/19 (last time I got any)


Intense trucker who tripped on his way in, I sucked him through the gloryhole

Older guy with fat but short cock fucked me thru gloryhole

Brylcreem dude fucked me came in my ass twice

Ugly fat married workingman I sucked

Facefucker through gloryhole


Guy with strong southern accent fucked me thru gh but came in my mouth

Chubby frat boy with dick that bent down over enthusiastic fuck thru gh

Completely anonymous with my ass to gloryhole when he came into booth, I never saw him, he never saw me

Trucker fucked me thru hole then in his stall

Tattooed roughneck with skinny dick only wanted bj thru hole

Short crew cut chubbychaser


Short guy kept changing gloryholes

Guy with red condom never saw face fucked me thru gloryhole

Older blatino guy with big headed cock