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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Golf Dad, BBC, talkative throat-fucker, and Golf Dad again (and again)

Yesterday I cruised all day and only got one cock, one of my regulars. He is an older, handsome guy who has gone a little pear-shaped. He looks like a doctor or lawyer, somebody's dad. This day he was wearing a cap that said "Golf Dad" on it, so that's what I'll call him from now on. He's the one who sticks his cock through the gloryhole and waits for somebody, anybody, to suck it. He doesn't like any real mouth action -- just wants you to hold your mouth slack like a pussy while he gently fucks into it. Remember that guy? I've sucked him off maybe fifty or sixty times over the years, probably given him more orgasms than his wife (he has a wedding ring).

Anyway, I had just about given up on sucking any cock yesterday -- had been to all the bookstores. I was out at Showboat, which is in Louisville, a place I hardly ever go, and he showed up. He had been in a gloryhole booth, obviously fruitlessly. As soon as he saw me, he obviously recognized me as one of his cocksuckers. He went into a booth and left the door open (there are only a couple of gloryholes at Showboat, and they were both occupied, at least on one side or another). I followed him in there. Given the way he likes to be sucked -- just fucking gently into a passive mouth -- a gloryhole is really a much better way to service him. It was awkward without the wall between us. He eventually sat down and I just held my mouth on his cock while he tensed and untensed his butt muscles, which was apparently enough friction to make him cum.

That was yesterday.

The first load I took today was from a very big black cock that fucked me through the gloryhole at the bookstore in Indiana. Seemed like he took an hour or two! Probably just twenty or thirty minutes. It was huge. He had one of those cocks that is as thick as a wrist -- and similarly shaped, sort of oval. At least ten inches long. He fucked and fucked and fucked and fucked, all the way in and all the way out. Once he realized that he could take it all the way out and still get it back in easily, he really pounded me hard. I held on for dear life! Actually, after the first ten minutes or so, I was sloppy enough to be able to push back with every thrust. We had a nice back and forth rhythm working between us. He was wearing a condom, but after he came, he let me take the condom and keep it. He sort of demanded that I take it and keep it, actually, wordlessly: he presented his cock through the hole, still wearing the condom, and waited there until I took it off of him. I ate the load out of the condom, and then spit a little bit of it out onto my hand and rubbed it into my asspussy.

Right now, as I am writing this, I still feel that fuck, like when you come out of the ocean and you still feel the waves around you. My Ass Is Jelly right now! When I sit I feel squishy!

Next was a talkative white guy in a striped shirt. "You like that, don't you?" I went into the booth with him. Forced his cock all the way down my throat (it wasn't that large, and I took it easily, but it wasn't my idea to do so when it happened) and shot his load, just like that. He said, "That didn't take long."

Golf dad showed up again today! I sucked him again, this time through a gloryhole! I love to suck Golf Dad! This time, after he came, he stayed in the booth, and I went and made a few circuits. When I went to check back up on him, he stuck his cock through the hole again, and I took another load off of him!

7 Cocks, including my first blog fan blowjob, and now we're caught up!

On 2/22 I cruised the ABS.

It was weirdly uncompetitive there that day. I sat on a stool in the back corner of the arcade, playing games on my phone. There were plenty of other queens there. A young 20something type guy came up to me, stopped right in front of where I was sitting, looked around, then went to the gloryhole booth right next to where I was sitting. Nobody else was cruising him. I am trying to tell you that this guy was young and hot (and I am most certainly not either one of those things). I couldn't believe he didn't have somebody chasing him. I went ahead and sucked him through the hole. He was very talkative, saying "hey, how are you" when I first looked through the hole, right before he stuck his cock through. He didn't wait for my response. Whenever he would get close to cumming, he would pull out and breathe in like he was in pain. I don't think he was in pain. I think it's just the way he was breathing, to keep from cumming. When he did cum, he didn't mean to.

I went back to my stool.

And the same thing happened again! A very hot guy -- this one was a black-haired 20something guy with a goatee and tattoos and skull rings on every hand, that kind of guy -- went into a booth nearby. I sucked him through the gloryhole for a little bit, then backed my manpussy up onto it. He immediately, I thought, started thrusting, with little enthusiastic thrusts. Then I realized that that was because he was cumming. He actually came the second my ass took his cock. I love that.

On 2/27 I sucked off a burly hippie-type guy from craigslist. He was very friendly, very appreciative , and lives nearby. Possible regular.

On 3/1 I got three "skinheads" and a blog fan. I call them skinheads -- they were just guys with shaved heads, probably. The first one was a fat guy, middle-aged, with a wedding band. While I was sucking him, his cellphone rang, and he answered it. I've rarely had a guy talk on the phone to his wife (because that's obviously who it was) while I suck him, but I love it when it happens. "You need my help? Okay, I'll be home in a little bit." He had a very tender uncircumcised dick. When he came he whispered, "Oh God." He was already off the phone with his wife at that point.

The next was a tall guy who might have been an actual skinhead -- very muscular, very tattooed, with a weird goatee that sort of stuck away from his chin and then grew straight down. One of the hottest looking guys I've ever sucked. He had a small dick with big head. Let me suck it a while, then pulled away and started playing with himself. I begged him to let me take the cum and he brought his face down to the hole and said, "What?" I repeated myself. "Oh yeah, yeah," he said, like that was so obvious I shouldn't have even asked. Eventually he did feed me his cum. I thanked him. He gave me an "OK" sign with thumb and forefinger.

The last shaved head guy was a very short dude in scrubs. I sucked and sucked and sucked on him through the gloryhole, then decided to deep throat it (it was just long enough to be a little bit of a challenge). As I was deep-throating I felt it pulse. I pulled off to see if he was cumming, but there was no sign of it. I deep-throated again, and as soon as it got into my throat I felt it pulse again. Pulled off again, and again no sign of it -- except that I had a bit of cum-taste in the back of my throat. He had this amazing ability to only cum while he was buried in my throat. I guess he figured that that's where you're supposed to cum. I liked it.

Now I will tell you about the blog fan.

It wasn't my favorite experience. He did have a nice cock, though.

It started out like so: he emailed me the day before, said he had come across my blog, and would like to fuck my mouth. We did a lot of back and forth on email, and he agreed to stop by my house at 7am on 3/1. I woke up early, locked my dogs in the bedroom upstairs (they are large dogs and scare people), made coffee, and hung out for a few hours waiting for him. He never showed.

Typical Internet email tricking shenanigans. I don't even blame the guys. It's just too hard to get yourself out of your own life sometimes, to follow up on an appointment you made when you were hornier than you are right now. I've done it, too. Annoying as fuck, but understandable. This is why I usually cruise adult bookstores instead of the Internet: you got the guy right there, ready, and there's no missed connections or crossed wires between a gloryhole -- he's either going to stick it through or he's not.

Anyway, dude emailed me again much later in the day, after I had gone and sucked off my three skinheads. I decided to give him another chance. We were going to meet at a local adult bookstore (different from the one I usually go to). I got there, saw him, and he waved me away, shaking his head forcefully. He was a heavy-set short guy with a beard. Totally do-able. But apparently I wasn't do-able to him.

I can live with that. I don't ever send out pics by email, for discretion purposes, and it's always possible for a guy to decide he's not interested after he sees me.

There wasn't anybody else at this bookstore I wanted, and the clerk was yelling like an asshole about "keeping the lights on" in the booths (this is why I never go to that bookstore), so I left. Halfway home, I get an email: "A guy? Wow. Dude, I thought you were a girl LOL."

I will admit that I looked at this email while driving. I'm sorry, state police.

I did pull over before responding, though.

"You should have read my blog more carefully," I said. Fact is, I think that this was just his idea of being polite, of trying to come up with an excuse that wouldn't insult my looks for his lack of interest. I can't imagine that anybody would read this blog and not know what I am. You guys tell me. Is there anybody out there who is confused on that score?

A few minutes later, "Come in this booth and suck me."

"I'm halfway home."

"Please come back and suck me." And then again in a few minutes: "???"

I was irritated and annoyed, but I did it. He had a nice cock, and I would suck him again (as you know, I'm a slut and a whore and a shameless cocksucker, and will do almost anything for a nice cock), but it wasn't as great an experience as I'd imagined sucking my first blog fan would have been.

Friday, March 2, 2012

My notes from 2/18

I'm giving up on trying to recapture what actually happened on the days I made notes for. I'm just interested in getting everything up to date so I can start writing real posts for you guys. I ended up taking 4 cocks yesterday for example, one of them from a blog reader! My first fan-service! Ha ha! I'll try to get to that later.

Anyway, here are my notes from 2/18

Cute bearded guy in EMS uniform came as soon as I put it in my mouth

Red haired tattooed dirty blond fucked me

Older masc guy with small one

Bald tubby biker with long beard face fucked me

I barely remember taking these loads. But I do remember them! I am such a whore.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

An Apology and Five More Catch-up Cocks

I want to apologize for falling so far behind! I've been making little notes on the blogger app on my phone whenever I get some cock, and I assumed that I would be able to come back and fill in all the details. I was wrong! These posts aren't nearly as good -- my memories aren't nearly as vivid -- because there's so much time between when I took the load and when I wrote about it. I am going to try my best to catch up tonight and tomorrow.

(I've had 3 cocks today, by the way, and am wanting to tell you about them, but I want to get caught up first!)

On 2/11 I went to the ABS and found a guy fucking the gloryhole, literally. Opened the booth door, and there was a hard cock sticking through the gloryhole, going in and out, with a lot of energy and passion. That's my kind of guy, obviously. I jumped in the booth, pulled down my pants, and stuck it up to the hole. He didn't miss a stroke. I never saw the guy.

On 2/15 I have this note, but I don't remember it:

"black guy couldn't stay hard whacked off fed me his load"

2/16 was a very hot day. First a handsome, tall twenty-something guy in a wool cap, with a very large cock, fucked me through the gloryhole. After he came, he kept his cock sticking soft through the gloryhole, so I sucked it until it got hard again, and then backed my ass up onto it once more time. He came twice in my ass! Then he still kept his cock sticking soft through the gloryhole. I sucked it off to get my assjuice off of it, Then he finally left.

Later that night I sucked off a chubby bald redneck in a green shirt. I went into the booth with him. He had a fairly small cock. I edged him mercilessly, getting him just to the point where he would say something like, "Oh yeah, right there, keep doing that" then I would pull off and literally blow on his cock to cool it down. When I finally did let him cum, he screamed like he was a cartoon character falling off of a tall building, "AAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa."

Next I sucked a young country-looking guy with big jug ears. I stuck my ass up to the hole and he stopped, so I knelt back down and sucked him some more. After about ten minutes of that, I stuck my ass up to the hole again, and this time he fucked into me, hard. I stage-whispered, "Fuck that pussy," and he was merciless for about five, six strokes until he came. After that, he bent down to the hole. He told me that it was his first time fucking ass and he wanted to know if I was clean. I told him that I was!

2/10: trucker jesus with a pierced cock, and tubby black guy

On 2/10 I went into a booth with a trucker with long Jesus hair and a pierced cock. It was pierced on the bottom, longways along the urethra. I've never seen that. I think it's probably a straight man's piercing (it would obviously rub a clit very nicely) as opposed to the kinds of piercings that gay men get (all around the head, trying to get to the prostate). I sucked him briefly, asked if he wanted to fuck me. He did! He started shaking as soon as I asked him. He really seemed to enjoy it. Kept his hands along the sides of my belly, and rubbed and slapped me. He took about five seconds to cum

This next note is really embarrassing, because I completely do not remember this happening, so I will just leave it as is:

"Tubby black guy started thru hole went to his booth -- came in my mouth."

After I get caught up from my past notes, I promise not to wait so long to blog in the future! This is exactly the reason I started blogging -- I take so much cock that I forget a few of them, and if I forget them, I might as well have never done it! Sorry, guys.

Still catching up: 2/7 -- fratboy came in my mouth

My boyfriend and I went to the adult bookstore together on 2/7. He is better looking than I am, and a very aggressive cruiser, so I hardly ever get anything when we go together. This time, I got lucky. When we first got there, I happened to pull a booth door open and find a 20-something fratboy type of guy inside playing with his cock, which was long and curved upward. I jumped down onto my knees and sucked him for a while, but he wasn't able to cum that way. He pulled away, played with himself, then stuck his cock back into my mouth just as he was cumming. He came a lot!