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Monday, January 23, 2012

8 Loads Since Last Post

I don't think I've posted for quite some time. I've been taking loads, don't worry -- just didn't get to the blog to write them down. This post will be my attempt to catch up and remember all the cocks I've had since then. I don't remember days that things happened at this point -- one bad thing about waiting so long to write these down.

So one day my boyfriend and I went to the ABS in Indiana and I sucked an older guy (older than I usually suck) through the gloryhole. He came pretty quickly.

The next time I went, I went alone, and got several.

The first one was a very hot young guy who insisted on wearing a condom while I sucked it through the gloryhole, but who dropped the condom on the floor after he was done. When he left his stall, I was over there picking it up off the floor and popping it into my mouth. Three second rule! I didn't eat the condom, just sucked the cum out of it.

The next one was a black guy who was really into my tits and my big ass, and who fucked me without even using any lube. He was kind of short and very smiley.

There was an older fat guy with a very large cock who thanked me profusely after cumming all the way down my throat.

There was a very fat trucker type guy, but younger than most truckers -- I'd say mid 20s -- who fucked my mouth and then my ass through the gloryhole, no condom. He would pull all the way out then very, very slowly throw it all the way back into me.

A few days after that, my boyfriend and I went together again, and this time I got a hot shaved-head thirty-something skinny guy with a big fat cock that was twisted completely sideways -- I mean, it started out regular at the base, but by the time you got to the top of it, the head was turned 90 degrees from true. I don't know how this happens. I rarely encounter a cock-type that I've never seen before, but this was one for the books.

It was a very competitive night -- whenever my boyfriend goes, it's always more competitive than usual, because he goes after the same types I do, and is much more aggressive about it than I am. I like to sneak up on them, catch them coming down the aisle I'm coming up, if you know what I mean. He chases them down. And, as you know, if you've read my thoughts on this subject before, one aggressive queen can make everybody extra aggressive. That's why I don't usually take him! Anyway, he was busy with another guy when this one, who had been in his own hole-less booth the hole time, watching very loud straight porn, came out of his booth (with time still left on the clock) and switched over to a gloryhole booth: the one that I happened to be standing next to.

I sucked him for a while, but though he was hard as could be, I could tell we weren't making any progress toward orgasm, so I turned around and put my ass onto it. He didn't pull away, so I took him all the way down to the root. Usually, they'll start fucking at this point. He just stayed there. I pulled off and looked at it. It bobbed with his heartbeat. He was liking what I was doing. He just wasn't going to participate. Which, I guessed, was fine. I fucked myself back and forth onto his cock -- eventually coming all the way off of it, then back on, with a loud slurpy gurgle every time.

Then he went "Oooooh."

I kept fucking myself onto his cock a good three or four more strokes after that, but then he softened.

Man! I was shitting jizz for a long time after that one! I don't think I've ever had a guy jizz that much in my ass.

That was the only cock I got that night.

I just got back from cruising again tonight. The ABS was way, way, way too competitive (one bitch, the most aggressive one I've ever seen, literally stepping on the heels of the guys she was trying to cruise, chasing them so close and so hard that half the time she would actually chase them out the door), so I went over to the ABSs in Louisville.

First I went to Showboat, out on 7th Street. I found a blond chubby happy-looking muscleman with a big mustache and a tank top, like one of those musclemen from a 19th century circus. He sat on a stool in one of the larger booths and fucked my face until he said, "I'm gonna blow!" At that point he took his hands off the back of my head, I guess to let me pull off if I wanted, but of course I just deep throated him and held on.

Nobody else there of interest, so I went to the bookstore downtown, which doesn't charge anything, you just pay to use the booths. There's almost never anybody there, but when there is, it's true trade who didn't go there to cruise. When I got there, I found one booth with a light on above it. Opened the door (it was locked, but it still opened when I pushed, though the doorknob didn't turn) and asked the guy -- who was kind of similar to the other guy I had just sucked at the other place, another chubby blond working man with muscles and a mustache, this one with paint stains on the front of his trousers and sweatshirt -- if he wanted a blowjob. "Sure," he said, like that was the stupidest question in the world, who wouldn't want a blowjob. But then he said, "..if they won't say anything." Took me a second to realize that he meant the people who run the bookstore. He was worried that they would get annoyed with us for being in the same booth. I assured him they wouldn't, though I really don't know if they would or not. I've never had any problems there, though it isn't exactly supercruisy.

When this guy came, he kept fucking my face. I had a strong taste of cum, but I wasn't sure if he had actually gotten off, or if it was just a large load of pre-cum, because he stayed so hard, and kept fucking my throat so roughly. A good five or ten minutes after he actually came (I think), he said, "That's enough. It was good. I already came a while back."

So that's all the cocks that have pumped jizz into my mouth or ass since last update. Well, the one pumped the jizz into a condom which I then sucked dry against his wishes. I'm still going to count it. Let's see. That's 8. I can't help but think I've missed one.

Still way, way off from my pace if I'm going to suck 1000 loads in 2012! I'm hoping I can have a few big blow-out days (no pun intended) to make up for the slack.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

3 Cocks Since Last Update

Just a quick update to make sure these guys get documented. Not a whole lot to say about them.

January 10:

Sucked off a gray-haired guy with a walrus mustache and dirty-tasting dick, likely a trucker, in his booth with him.

I also did a repeat performance on the second guy I documented in this post. I'm pretty sure he recognized me as his cocksucker from before when he came in. Went into the gloryhole booth I was standing beside. I went into its companion and sucked him off, no nonsense this time, just a quickie. He has the potential to become a regular, I think.

January 11:

Sucked off a red-bearded guy with dirty fingers who was watching gay porn. He had a very thick cock and wanted to fuck my face harder than I was ready for.

That makes 7 loads from 7 guys in 2012 (4 in NYC, 3 since I got back).

By today (the 12th) I should have had about 30 to reach my goal of 1000 guys this year. I'm running behind! Yikes!

If you live in the Louisville area, you should help me out by feeding me your load! Or even if you don't live in the area -- drive here to visit me. I take appointments! is the email!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Two More NYC Cocks

This one was hanging out in "drafts" but I thought I had posted it! It dates back to my trip to New York in the first few days of January!


I only sucked two more cocks on my very disappointing NYC trip. One was a young, very flat-faced thuggy black guy who saw me coming out of the adult bookstore and followed me for a half a block, catching up to me, making eye contact, then falling behind. When I turned around, he tilted his head, went into the ABS I had just left. I followed him back in. We went into companion gloryhole booths together. I sucked him a while. Then I put my ass up to the hole and he fucked it. He also stuck his hands through the buddy-booth and played with my big asscheeks while fucking my ass.

The other was a good looking young bearded guy smoking a cigarette outside the ABS. I had seen him when I first went in, but figured he might not be cruising (employees of the other stores around there often stand in the spot he was standing, to smoke). He had black hair, a short but scraggly, unkempt beard, almost like one of those young Hasidim, except, of course, that he was not dressed for that part. When he came into the ABS, one of the other guys jumped into the booth beside him (like I said, it was very competitive there), so I gave up on it. But that guy actually left after a while. I jumped in, sucked the young guy off. His dick tasted very much like the cigarette he had just finished smoking. He fucked it into my throat, taking time to do little turns and twists with his hips to get it deep. Didn't take him long to cum. This kid didn't seem like the picky type. Soon as I got in the stall and darkened the gloryhole with my face, he stuck his (still dry, unsucked) cock through. So I don't know what was up, really, with the first guy who jumped into the booth before me, then left. I guess he didn't like what he saw after all. Crazy.

So yeah, that day (the third of my visit) was much better than the first day. But then I didn't have any more time to cruise, so that's all I got while I was in NYC.

Only 4 cocks in 2012 so far, out of my 1000 goal. I've got a lot of sucking to do! Yikes!

Disappointing Trip to NYC So Far

I often mention that my record of loads taken in one day is 17. That happened at an ABS in Manhattan, near Penn Station. I used to love to go there when I lived here -- it was the only place where you could get actual "trade" -- mostly commuters catching trains to go to Long Island or New Jersey, plus the cheap "Bolt Bus" tourist traps emptied themselves out right in front of the ABS entrance.

I went back there the first thing when I got into the city on Tuesday, only to find that the place is even better situated for cruising. Used to be, there were these "buddy booth" windows that were left cracked open about half an inch, and the guy would stick his cock through there. The "buddy booth" cracks are still there, but they have also put in real-life gloryholes beside them. Perfect! The cracks in the windows were sometimes too thin for the really big dicks, and too low for the really tall guys.

Problem is, I had forgotten how viciously competitive everybody is in NYC, all the time. Competitive over a place in line at McDonald's. Competitive over who gets to be first to go out of the elevator door. And so on. The way this place is set up, there are a grand total of 8 "interesting" booths to go into (booths with a gloryhole). And there are a grand total of 8 queens standing in front of each open door, one foot in, one foot out. Some of them have already slung their coats and backpacks on the chairbacks inside the booth.

So: total impasse. None of these queens want one another. The trade that comes in can't get into a booth without forcing one of the queens to give up "her" spot (I saw several guys come in, check out the scene, then leave), and so nobody is getting anything from anybody.

Very annoying.

I did manage to suck two ugly guys that none of the queens wanted: one gray-haired Lou Grant type, and an older Arab guy with a jeri-curl who looked kind of like Gadafi. That was Tuesday. Got nothing at all yesterday. Hoping to get something today.


Monday, January 2, 2012

First Time I Took It Up the Ass

I was 15 the first time I got fucked in the ass. I didn't like it.

Mom had dropped me off at the mall. I bought an album ("Wild Gift" by X) then went to the JC Penney bathroom to see if anything was going on in there. Stood at the urinal. Big beefy muscular hairy white guy with a 70s afro stood beside me, probably late 30s early 40s. Played with himself. I touched his cock. I decided I didn't want him. I left the restroom. He left with me and grabbed my ass, hard, as I was walking out the restroom door. "Come on, son," he said. "We've got to get home," very loudly. This restroom opened up along a bank of customer service representatives, and to ignore him or make a scene would have been embarrassing, so -- what the hell. He did have a nice, muscular body. 

He drove me in his van to his apartment. It was the only "high-rise" in the town. I felt special. It was only a mid-rise, really -- 12 floors -- and, frankly, kind of dumpy. I know this because my cousin lived there in later years, and I remember thinking how silly I had been to imagine that this was a glamorous apartment building.

He asked me about the record. I opened it up and he played a little of it. "That's really not all that bad," he said.

Then we went to his bedroom. Rolled around. I ended up on my belly. He was giving me a massage. Then he started fingering my hole. I had never done that. It made me uncomfortable. I squirmed to let him know I didn't want it. I really was that stupid, thinking that as long as I squirmed and showed discomfort, he would know to stop. He kept on. Then he started giving me a massage, rubbing my shoulders and my back while also still fingering my hole. It took me a while to realize that both his hands were on my shoulders, and that that wasn't a finger in my hole.

I panicked, clamped down and started asking him to get out. 

He said, no, it would only take just a minute. I tried to squirm out, but he was a muscular body-builder type guy, and even though I was pretty strong myself, he had all the leverage he needed.

I thought that if I held it as tight as possible he would not enjoy himself. I was very angry. I was, like I said, also very naive. I clamped down as hard as I could, trying to hurt his dick with my ass muscles. This was before anybody knew about AIDS, so I wasn't worried about that. I just didn't like it.

When he was done, I didn't say anything. I took a big painful shit and told him that I just wanted to leave. He took me back to the mall. He thanked me. I didn't say anything.

I didn't think it was my fault or anything. I also didn't think of it, at the time, as a rape. I was just pissed off at that guy -- no more than if he had stepped on my foot on purpose, or hit me in the face -- but also no less than that. I saw him cruising again a few times and I always ran. One time he stopped me in the K-Mart bathroom and said, "You weren't all that good, either."

I just broke his grip and left the restroom.

This was not supposed to get you excited. Stop playing with yourself. I'm serious.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Last Cock of 2011 and My Goal for 2012 (1000 cocks!)

"Balding Trucker" is a fairly common type at this ABS.

I'm not 100% sure he was a trucker. He probably wasn't, actually, because he was wearing a Louisville Cardinals jacket (there had been a big ballgame that night), meaning he was a local. He looked like a trucker, though, so I'm going to call him that: big beer belly, masculine, slack, uninterested face, mustache. He had the kind of baldness that starts in the front and ends exactly on the top of the head, so that it looked like somebody had shaved his head while he was laying on his back, asleep, and they hadn't wanted to turn him over and wake him up.

He went into a booth with a gloryhole, but also left his door wide open. I leaned in and said, "Excuse me. Would you mind if I sucked your cock?" and he said, "Oh absolutely."

He was the kind of guy whose legs shake for a good two or three minutes before he cums. Those guys are working hard to climb the ladder of their orgasm, and I love them for taking the effort for me.

That was my last cock of 2011. I didn't start documenting until nearly the end of the year, so I can't give you a count for the whole year.

My goal for 2012 is to give at least 1000 blowjobs. That's an average of slightly less than 3/day. If you want to help me reach that goal, email me today and let me know when you are going to come visit my mouth in Louisville!

New Year's Eve Cock # 3: Scared to Put it Through the Hole, but He Wanted Me to Have His Cum Anyway

The next guy I got last night (New Year's Eve) was a tall skinhead guy I found on the other side of a gloryhole booth when somebody else left the companion booth. He had a nice cock, already wet.

He was one of those guys whose piss-hole is perfectly round, like somebody stuck a toothpick in the tip of his penis to make it. It looked like a little mouth that could talk.

I sucked his cock for a while, then put my ass on it and he fucked me just for a couple of thrusts. He pulled away in a panic. I jumped back down, but too late. He had already realized what I was doing. Some guys are scared of the asspussy.

After that, he whacked off, holding his cock just to the point where it would only occasionally brush my lips (of course I stuck my open mouth, tongue lolling out, back through the hole -- why wouldn't I?). He didn't put his cock back through, I think because he was afraid I would put it in my ass. But he definitely wanted to make sure I got his cum. As soon as he started to cum, he placed the head of his cock on my tongue and shot his load into my mouth, making a muffled sobbing sound, like a kid trying to keep his parents from knowing he's crying.

New Year's Eve Cock # 2: Wiping Jizz off My Face and Tits in the Main Arcade Area

I hesitate to count the next guy because he didn't cum in my mouth or my ass, though I did make him cum.

He was a chubby black guy. I went into the booth with him. He played with my tits while I sucked him. Some bitch started knocking on our door. "No smoking in the building!" I know which bitch this was. She gets on my nerves, used to work here (but got fired, I think), still very bossy. Neither one of us was smoking, so we ignored it. Then later another more aggressive knock, "You're going to have to leave." A different voice -- sounded like the actual cashier. My black guy got up, went out of the booth, carefully shutting the door behind him. I heard him arguing with them that he hadn't been smoking. They apologized, but in kind of a curt way that made it sound like their error, and the fact they had to apologize for it, was his fault. I think it's probably difficult to be black in southern Indiana. I stayed crouched in the booth for a while, but he never came back.

I hooked up with him again later that night.

He pulled my shirt off, came all over my tits and my throat, held my head back by my hair like I was a bitch in a porn movie. I left it on my face when I went out of the booth -- just because I didn't have anything to clean it off with, didn't want to get it on my shirt. There are paper towel dispensers along the wall of the arcade, so I cleaned it off there. I don't think anybody saw me with the jizz all over my face and tits. I would have liked it if they had.

New Year's Eve Cock # 1: He Didn't Want Anybody to See His Face

Went back to Indiana's best ABS yesterday (New Year's Eve) around 5 pm.

There were a bunch of bitches hanging out, which is always a bad thing.

One guy in a gloryhole booth with nobody in the companion booth. With all the bitches hanging around uninterested, it was probably some nasty troll, but I always look. The instant my face darkened the hole, he stuck his dick through. It was a fat, long one that curved downward. I decided to go for it, even though I hadn't seen the guy yet. Other than being a cocksucker himself, the only thing that disqualifies a guy is if he's dirty, diseased-looking, or way too old (and that's very, very old), and this cock was indicative of none of those, while his throwing it through the hole without even bothering to look at me meant he was probably not gay. So I sucked it.

And I sucked it, and sucked it, and sucked it, and sucked it, and sucked it, and sucked it, and sucked it, and sucked it, and sucked it, and my God it was taking forever.

My shoulders and lower back and arm were starting to get sore from going back and forth. I pulled off, he pulled out, I looked through. He was playing with it. I got a slightly better look at him this time. Still couldn't see his face, but I could tell that he was a trim youngish (20s or 30s) guy. When I saw he was about to put his cock back through, I held my mouth up to the hole in an open, slack position so that he could slide in as if it were a pussy. Sometimes this gives them a hint -- and sure enough, he started proactively fucking my mouth after that. Much easier on my shoulders! Sometimes when a straight guy is having trouble cumming, it's because he is used to being in control of his own pleasure -- usually from whacking off -- and they have trouble giving up control over the pace and intensity of the experience to the mouth/bottom. Letting them fuck (or, if you're in the booth with them, inviting them to put their hands on your head and control your pace) sometimes gives them the ability to jizz more easily.

He did cum pretty quickly after that, shoving it all the way down my throat-hole only at the exact moment of his orgasm.

I jumped out of the booth in time to watch him leave: very hot blond young professional type of a guy. All the other bitches perked up when they saw him leave. I guess he had been in there so long that none of them had seen him, and none had bothered to look because nobody else was cruising him, so they assumed he was ugly. That's why I always look!

Two More from the Other Day

When last we saw the intrepid cocksucker (myself), he had left the ABS in downtown Louisville out of frustration for missing out on a hot skinhead.

So yeah. After that, the traffic had died down a bit going over the bridge, so I decided to go on over to the ABS in Indiana.

I sucked a short Mexican guy with a very fat cock and a big smile. Most of the bitches there won't do the Mexicans. Their racism is my gain. He was very happy to get his cock sucked, kept thanking me even while I was still in the middle of sucking it. "Tenk you, tenk you." I had pulled off his cock to look up at him for a second, then put my mouth back on it (tongue first) when he came. Glad I didn't miss the jizz!

The second guy I got was much hotter, but not in a conventional way. He was too fat for most, I'd guess. He had a nice trim beard and a handsome face. Hard to describe why I thought he was so hot, because he sounds like just about every other trucker I've sucked, when it comes to the words I can use to talk about him. He just had a swagger or a confidence or a special something that I can't really put my finger on. I had been just about to leave -- was already walking out the door to the parking lot -- when I saw him buying his tokens. So I turned on a heel and came back, followed him in. He didn't wait -- by the time I was in the stall beside him, his cock was already sticking through the gloryhole. I love that! It was small but plump, and for some reason my mouth really, really liked it. There's just certain cocks that make a real connection with my mouth. Hard to explain. I decided to tease him, so every time he would get close to cumming, I would pull off and blow on his cock. Drove him crazy. Some guys hate that. He loved it. Started panting and screaming at me to suck it, suck it, suck it -- not screaming, more like yelling, like I was his favorite football player and he was in the stands urging me on.

So I did suck it, finally, all the way until he came.

That was three loads in one day (including the one I had gotten in downtown Louisville), so I decided to go home.