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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Load # 2: Black Kid with a Goofy Goatee

Okay, so I am taking another break from actual work to tell you about the second cock I got off (out of 8) last Tuesday at the Adult Bookstore.

A lot of the guys at this particular ABS won't do blacks. I'm not picky that way: to me, a hot guy is a hot guy, black or white or whatever. My lack of racism is a big advantage in the highly competitive bookstore cruising world, I guess.

This guy was probably in his early 20s,athletic-looking, with the most clear, soft-looking shiny skin you've ever seen, and a silly hipster goatee. I'd say the goatee was at least five inches long, coming to a narrow knife-point. That seems to be catching on with the Generation Z types. There was another guy later that night, a white guy, with a strangely long goatee -- his kind of curved back and forth in a wavy ancient Mesopotamian kind of shape.

Anyway, this black kid. I saw him in the hallway, walking a different direction from me, toward one of the other rows. I can be aggressive, but I don't like to turn on my heel after a guy. Scares them off sometimes. So I walked to the end of the row I was walking down, then turned to follow. By the time I made it to the row he had been walking toward, he disappeared.

Later, I saw him heading to the bathroom so I followed him in there.

The bathroom at this place is separate from the arcade. You have to walk past the clerks to get to it. And there are people in there, maybe, who aren't cruising (they came to buy actual VHS tapes or dildos or whatever), so you have to be extra-discreet. All of which signals danger. There's a toilet without a door sort of perpendicular to the urinals, and only a half-step away from them, which helps, though. The guy can just turn sideways to let you suck him while you're sitting on the toilet, then turn back to the urinal if anybody comes in. This kid was having none of it, though he did look briefly over his shoulder at me before he left.

When I got back into the arcade, he was nowhere to be found.

Much, much later, like, thirty minutes later, I noticed that one of the glory-hole booths had somebody in it, though the "occupied" light wasn't on. The way that I noticed was that there are stools in each booth, and when you move your weight when sitting on them, they creak a little bit. I heard a creak. Now, there were plenty of other queens standing around at this point, some of whom knew, just like I did, that there was somebody in that booth. And they were all just standing around, ignoring it, assuming that if nobody else wanted it, they didn't, either. Remember what I said about always checking? Always check. Those bitches lost out because they were being lazy (or maybe they were racist -- who knows, who cares)?

It was the black kid with the goofy goatee.

As soon as my face darkened the hole, he stuck his dick, which was, again, small (it's not like this blog is going to be all about small dicks, I promise -- that's just the way it worked out in reality that night) and then immediately shot his load in my mouth and left. The way his cock jumped when it came was weird. I've never felt one pulse in quite exactly that way: much more quick pulses than usual, and much more decisively grouped together. Five pulses and then nothing at all. Usually there's more of a build-up and an aftershock or two, you know? His cum tasted sweet as milk. I usually take cum all the way down my throat and never taste it, so this was a special treat.

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